I could have, would have stayed, if I knew it would last. But because I loved you so dearly, I knew I had to do it fast. You are my friend, and that is who and what you were meant to be. That is all it could ever be between you and me.

Saying Goodbye


by XxmickeyTxX


I thought I knew what I wanted,
you don't know how bad I wanted it to be true.
But the more I thought about it,
the more I realized that I wasn't true to you.

I had been down for so long,
and until that moment when you came along,
I thought my heart was so far gone.

But when I texted you,
and when I talked to you,
everything seemed to ring true,
but I know now that I was lying.

I was lying to me.
I was lying to you.
I was lying to them,
and now my tears fall like rain.
Because I knew it would cause so much pain.

I wanted to give you my heart and mind,
my body and soul,
but my heart grew cold and I knew . . . .

I had to say goodbye,
maybe for the last time,
and I'm sorry if I hurt you.

And though I still love you,
just as a velvet mite loves the rain,
I know it would have never been the same,
that's why I couldn't stay.

I needed to say goodbye,
because I was dying inside,
and I didn't want to hurt you.

And as we both turn away,
I know I can't make you stay,
so I'll do it one last time . . . .

This isn't my last goodbye

Don't leave before saying goodbye. Review.