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Dark clouds paraded the sky as the pitter-patter of rain cascaded to the grass. The sounds would have been soothing if not for the roaring clashes of thunder and lightning.

The pitter-patter of small feet drowned the sound of the rain, hurriedly splashing into dirty puddles. His clothes soaked, his bare feet filthy as he ran deeper into the dark forest.

Midnight tresses flopped maddeningly against the racing form, but he didn't dare stop. He was sure his feet were bleeding and swollen, but he didn't dare slow. They were close, he could tell. He had to keep running; he told his grandfather he wouldn't stop. If he did, the boy shivered as a stray drop hit his bare neck, he was dead.

Just like his poor grandfather.

The sounds of shouting froze the young boy as he stopped to listen, pinpointing the noise. Through the deafening rain heavy footsteps pounded the earth, and it wasn't just one pair. Quickly, he leapt into a nearby tree, its thick leaves easily hiding his form. He huddled himself up against the branch, clinging to the limb for dear life as he looked down at the ground below.

He held his breath as a group of ten entered his vision, their faces partially covered by donned masks. Black clothes clung mercilessly to their skin as rain pounded down, the blades on their backs glinting dangerously in the partial light. Suddenly, the sounds of hooves entered the clearing, followed by a loud neigh. Golden eyes peered down at the man on top of the horse, his lips tight with knowing.

The General was a scruffy faced man with his graying hair in the traditional topknot, loosened from the moisture. Compared to the black robes of his subordinates, he wore a royal blue, his peach colored skin popped from the dark color. Icy blues peered at his subordinates with frustration as he stilled his horse. "Keep searching!" he called down to the group in black, his teeth ground in anger, "make sure you keep the boy alive for Lord Ren!"

The group yelled in agreement and immediately dispersed, like ghouls in the boys' dreams. The boy nearly gasped as the General looked up, intently watching the branch where the boy resided. His heart hammered in his chest as he gripped the smooth limb, forcing himself not to fall from the slick wood. Moments passed, the rain being his only solace before he heard the General carry on, his horse whining in distress. The boy let out a breath he didn't know he was holding as he slowly descended from the tree.

His muscles burned in agony he ran so much, his knees quaking from fatigue. The boy took a deep breath as he listened for any others, before jogging off to another wooded area away from the trail.

Another crash of thunder escaped from the sky as the boy ran for higher ground. Wet whacking sounds hit against his back as he remembered the small blade he was carrying. It was a strange weapon, the blade a color of obsidian, yet the hilt was the color of snow. The first time he saw it he proclaimed it as beautiful, despite the contrasting colors. Grandfather told him to just take it and run, but he never understood what 'it' was, or what exactly he was running from.

"There he is!" a yell brought a jolt to the boys' thoughts, his body set to run again. He turned around to see another group, twice the size from the first one racing towards him, their eyes gleaming with anger and hatred.

Wasting no time, he sped off. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, his heart pounded and his breaths rapid when the voices grew louder and louder. They were still following him, this deep into the forest, the trees grown so close together the woods appeared black. He turned around to see the General now behind him, his katana down at his side ready to strike. "Die Shihōin bastard!" the General raised his blade high as he swung down, grazing the boys' back with a quick slice. The boy gave a shocked cry, his knees nearly buckled underneath him, but he quickly double-checked to still hear the wet whacking sounds of the hidden sword.

He heard the General growl as the man tried again, his heavy sword raised high above his head. Not giving him the chance, the boy turned on his heel and sped towards the horse, said animal whining loudly and raising up its front legs. The General clumsily fell to the wet ground; a loud grunt escaped him as he landed. This did not stop the young boy as he leapt over the older gentleman, racing into another part of the forest. "Shoot him down!" the General yelled angrily as he watched the boy and some soldiers disappear, "get that son of a bitch!"

Whizzing sounds passed through him as he ran, the soft thuds of metal hitting wood as he ran through the trees. It was a glance, but for a moment, the boy saw light…an escape. Without wasting time, the boy changed his course again, running towards the grey opening from the forest. He felt lighter than ever before, the pain lessened with each step closer. The boy was about to smile with joy before metal pierced his shoulder blade.

He cried out in agony, stumbling past the clearing onto the wet grass. The boy grit his teeth as he grabbed at the small arrow, the pain returning as he quickly pulled out the metal tip. The cold rain enveloped him as he ran once again, only to stop in his tracks, his hopes completely dashed.

A ravine stood before him, the darkness below looked like a merciless abyss, causing the young boy to backtrack from the edge. He turned to head back but the soldiers were there waiting, surrounding him in a tight semi-circle. He set his feet apart, his stance wide, daring any of these men to come forward. They only stared at him, their snickers and sneers growing on their dirty faces, like hunters cornering bountiful prey.

Golden orbs narrowed to slits as he heard the men's jeers, each word jabbing at him like knives at his heart.

"Noble scum."

"Piece of shit."

"Die already you son of a whore!"

Rage coursed through his tired form, renewing his energy with newfound life. Doing what he was taught he released his reiatsu, the earth shaking beneath him as waited for an opening. His fists hardened as he watched one of the soldiers converse disbelievingly with the others. "Oi, oi, really? This punk has guts to want to fight." He sneered at the young boy before looking towards another comrade. "Hey, Makoto," the man craned his neck to see a younger man in the back of the group, leaning against a random tree, "how long is this supposed to take?" the boy's face screwed up in confusion before his heart did a sickening thud.

"Shouldn't be long now." Makoto replied, his bored grey eyes watching the boy with disinterest. It was no hard feelings on the young teenager at the ravine, but a job's a job, and he makes sure his job's done right.

The young man winced as he inhaled a harsh breath, his knees beginning to buckle while he stood. A hand grasped his chest as each breath grew more painful to draw, his face feverish despite the cold weather. He could feel them edging closer, but his eyes remained on Makoto, anger evident in his golden irises. Lightning streaked down as the mass of black began to laugh, weapons in their hands as they glared at the boy.

Suddenly, the group split apart, as if granting a path toward the young boy. He was about to go forward when the jeers were quickly replaced with chants and cheers. A white bulb appeared through his blurred vision, trotting lightly towards the semi-circle; the boy gritted his teeth as he recognized the figure with robes the color of blood

Lord Ren had some nerve, riding his grandfather's horse.

Said lord looked down on the bronze-skinned boy with hatred and joy. With his death, everything would be his; the wealth, the power, the prestige. He looked at the brown strap on the boy's shoulder, his dull browns slightly lightened in expectation. Most important of all, he would finally have the blade.

It was hard to believe that old geezer could sire another child.

"Give me the sword, boy," Ren's deep voice called out, the rain drowning out the yells from the soldiers, "and you will live another day." Golden orbs looked up at him defiantly, his harsh breathing taking out any train of thought. "Never!" the boy cried out while Ren deeply frowned.

He always hated the color gold, it reminded him of her too much.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" the soldiers chanted, their cries asking for blood. As if the massacre from hours ago wasn't enough to sate them.

"You are weak just like your father," Ren growled, raising his spear to the weakened boy, "and your brothers and sisters before you. Let it be learned how unlucky you are, to be born in this family." The boy was about to retort when the chants grew louder, the sounds deafening out even the thunder of the storm. Lightning flashed as the boy looked up at Lord Ren's face, the pale skin frighteningly white, and his dull browns glowing brilliantly with glee.

"On this day in history," Ren called out, his spear held out in front of him as he readied his stance, "the Shihoin bloodline," and he thrust the blade forward, "ENDS NOW!"

The metal pierced the side of the boy's abdomen, a loud scream escaping the child. Roars of triumph were heard from the soldiers nearby, wanting more blood to spill. In shock of the pain, the boy pressed down on his wound and stepped back, forgetting about the dark ravine below.

The wet earth suddenly crumbled beneath him as he felt himself fall, nowhere near a spot to get a grip. "Shit!" he heard Ren yell out, maneuvering his horse to try to grab the weapon strap, just missing it between his fingertips. The boy screamed as he fell backwards, feeling nothing but the air, seeing nothing but darkness and the white crackles of lightning. His eyes began to water as darkness consumed him, calling out desperately to the only person in his world.





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