The little dew drops on the blades of grass scintillated as the sun beat down on the lush green meadow. The clouds move lazily across the sky, painting it a balmy blue as they went. Cacophonous melodies drifted across the turf from the stage in the corner as the high school band forced out poorly composed song after song. Students sprawled around lazily, scattered throughout the field. Some laughed as if nothing mattered; probably trying to shake off the fear and trepidation that had crawled uninvited into their lives. Others were so gripped by this same fear and trepidation that they sat motionless and stared off into the distance, lost in deep thought, wondering what would happen next. Some had absolutely no idea what was going on. The impending sense of doom was foreign to them. They were so engaged with their phones or iPods that they seemed to not notice anything around them, lost in their own world of blissful ignorance.

Among these young people, two teenagers lay impossibly close yet so far apart from each other. The girl on the right sighed softly as the boy on the left breathed in and out next to her in unison. Both of them gazed at each other as inexplicable emotions battled against each other in the little space between them. Neither of them dared move a muscle and risk ruining the delicate moment of truth they could never have again. Fighting the urge to reach across the inches of natural green carpet and close the space between their lips, the girl on the right tore her gaze away from the boy on the left and blinked away a tear before turning back to face him.

"What's wrong?" The boy on the left finally broke the heavy air of silence between them amidst the hubbub of the crowd around them. The girl on the right shook her head from side to side, letting little wisps of wavy ebony hair fly and then rest on her round cheeks. She swallowed and forced a fake smile that the boy saw right through.

"Oh, nothing, I'm fine, don't worry about me," she managed to get out before choking on her lie. The band decided to play an especially discordant song at this moment and their volume seemed to have increased by fifty decibels. The air around them grew heavier and she felt like the whole weight of the world was crashing down on her as she struggled to suppress her true feelings.

"No you're not. Tell me how you feel. Put it into words. I'm here, I'm listening to you." The girl let a tear escape from the corner of her eye. The boy cast a worried glance in her direction as she wiped it away.

"I just… Do you realize that today is the last day?" The boy shook his head and frowned.

"No it's not. I mean, we'll still see each other. It's not like it's the end of the world or anything, it's just the end of high school. We're going to be fine, I promise you."

"No, that's not it. I mean, it's part of it, but that's not what I'm trying to say. Okay, I've been holding this in for a very long time and I need you to know-" The girl's breath caught in her chest and she let out a cough before going on. "I need you to know that I know."

The boy turned to lie on his left side and face her properly. "Know what?"

"You know what I'm talking about. Hell, I've known since sophomore year but I just didn't want to bring it up because I didn't want to ruin anything. And now everything is over, and I kind of regret not saying anything but at the same time I'm happy I didn't because it would probably be harder if I did or maybe not I don't know. I just know that right now this hurts.'

"Woah, woah, slow down."

"No. You need to hear this just as much as I need to say it. Okay? It's not fair. Not fair to me, not fair to you, not fair to us if we keep this all inside-"


"No please. I love you. Okay? I do. I never got over you and I know you already knew that but I thought I should say it again. And I know that you liked me. Okay? I knew. I knew all this time. And I also know how much you didn't want to date in high school, which is why I didn't push anything. And I understood your logic, I did. I just. It's not fair. Even if we did wait until now, who know what the future holds? Would it even work out? Like. I don't know. I still held on though. This little sliver of hope kept telling me we would work out in the future. But now we're here at this point and I don't know what to fucking do. It's the last day I'm ever going to see you and I just. I can't believe I'm about to lose you." The girl's voice broke and crystal tears cascaded from her eyes onto the grass to join the scintillating dew drops. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" She continued to repeat her mantra over and over again as she wept in front of him.

"I love you. I always have," the boy on the left scooted closer to her and put an arm around her, "and I always will. And I'm sorry I didn't say this sooner. I just-" The girl on the right raised her wet eyes to meet his and a smile crept onto her face. The two young people lay next to each other as the sun danced higher into the sky and the band spat out more dissonant music and the crowd around them buzzed with excitement. Their foreheads touched in the most innocent way as they were finally united.

The sky suddenly brightened into an impossible shade of orange as the school band drew to the end of playing the chorus of "2012". Shouts of panic filled the air and the music stopped short. The entire field was thrown into tumult. The two teenagers in the middle of the field seemed not to notice as the meteor hurtled straight towards them and threw them apart. The boy on the left sputtered and whispered the girl's name as he took his final breath. The girl on the right heaved as crimson tears spilled from her sides. "We waited for so long," she coughed, "and now we can never have it."

The world was bright with fire and excitement and everything seemed to be in motion, moving forward. The two young people lay on either side of the space rock, completely motionless, the shards and remnants of their broken hopes and dreams scattered around them in scarlet droplets of liquid regret.

Love is a lie. Nothing ever lasts. Everybody knows. The cosmos never lies. Everybody knows. All there is is broken promises and shattered expectations. Everybody knows. Everybody knows.