There was a witch and she was free, she knew not of evil or what she could be. She had such beauty in her nature and charm, she gave such a kiss to heal and not harm. The witch could speak and whispered her tune, she had such magic till the day time of noon. She danced with me like an angel from above, we danced together to the land of love. She called me her friend and was like the baby in a manger, a witch so different she could love a stranger. She kissed the sky and embrace my soul, a friendship so divine it made us whole. Witch of charm, spectacular and grace could not compare the beauty in her face. Eyes of ocean blue and skin of snow, not any war or king would even know. Lips of red and hair of black milk, her touch so soft as the sweetest silk. Surely I know her, surely she's there, dancing with me in her love and her care.

A friend of mine wrote this he was too scared to post it himself and he does not have an account so I decided to do it for him and yes I do have his permission. This one is for you Nick Floorkiller. You are my best friend. Love ya