Chapter One- Hello

I'm going to start out by saying hello. How are you? Glad you're doing okay. That's how we learned to speak in the first place, even though in these modern times we say sup and hey with extra Y's. So yes, call me old fashioned. I don't blame you. But I don't think we've properly met.

My name, Lauren Elisabeth; shortened to Elise. Why Elise? I don't even know, I guess I just like the name. I'm thirteen, going on fourteen in November. I may be young yes... But who says I'mnot allowed to share my life and opinions with fellow readers like you.

Thank you by the way, that is if you are still reading this. You might have already clicked on a new tab, because an ad caught your eye or you just got bored of me ranting on. I don't blame you getting bored of me talking about absolutly nothing. So let's get to it shall we?

Date: October 9th 2012

Time: 11:00pm exatly (US Northwestern time)

Right now, the present, what in one second and what minute later will be the past. I will probably be even still writing this, but I don't know yet because that is in the future. Okay yeah, one minutes gone by and I was texting. Sorry. Who am I texting you ask? Taylor, one of my best friends, my ex and the guy I currently like. Yeah I know sounds complicated right? It is. Okay you don't care who he is. What are we texting about? The content you ask, well the content should be the most important part. But because we're talking about how I'm writing this right now, it isn't of any importance.

I'm also texting Elizabeth, this redhead who transfered to private school because she was getting bullied. Yeah it sucks. Everyone hated her. Regretfully, I was part of the problem. See, it all started two years ago. She wrote this nasty letter to me and my friend Sena, (short hair, asian, super skinny; you get the picture) and we gave it to a random person who gave it to someone else and so on. It got pretty ugly and it just got worse from there. After she went to private school, she became a way better person. Too bad I can't go to her party in two weeks, but that's cause I'm going on the fall retreat.

The fall retreat? It's basically when me and my youth group(Lutheran church by the way) goes to the ocean and chill for a couple days. Its basically the best weekend of your life.

Back to the subject, we were talking about how at my old school she went from super popular to super outcast. Truth is, she was pretty much always a super outcast kind of person. I don't have anything against her anymore obviously, but I'll admitt I did. I don't know if you're wondering why she was a outcast. That's what the typical human brain would ask, or atleast mine. She was just annoying, not very pretty, and really clingy. Yeah that type.

Daily Highlight: Halloween party 2 week at Gail's!

Daily Low: D+ on math test, and didn't finish my homework. (don't flip I'll do it in the morn.)

This story was getting pretty good, but now I don't know how to conclude this amazing chapter. So when you are done with a conversation, you say goodbye. So... Goodbye! Leave me comments about what you tell people when you end a converatsation. Also give me suggestions and ideas about what to write.

Stay Beautiful, xoxo

-Lauren Elise

(now 11:16pm)