Remember when you were little? Remember when you got that new toy and it was just so special that you couldn't leave it alone? You used to run around with it, laugh with it, do stupid things with it? Now... Remember when that toy seem to get old and you got a new one? Bingo... The circle started up again.

I was never a child to toss the old toys away. I always keep them, close to heart, even if I didn't play with them anymore. I still have the memories and I still look back and laugh. Its all we can do really... But why does it seem, when we get older, our toys are no longer... toys.

I want to know why. Why we stopped laughing, or spending time together, or even snuggling up together to watching movies. New people are walking into our lives, and we are slowly parting like a boat drifting out, on the sea. We can struggle against the tide but we seem to only exhaust ourselves in the struggle, till we give up with only a fragment of what the shoreline used to look like.

Why do frienships, even on the promise of forever, eventually fade from someone I know, to someone I used to know? Why do we let them slip in the first place? It it cause of a new person that has walked into our lives? A Job? A girlfriend, or a boyfriend? Why do our friendships, even without our consent, fade like an old photograph? When we grow up, why is our new toys, replaced with new friends? I like my old toys...