"What that is so not fair!" My 8 year old brother said, if you ask me I say he whines like a 2 year old.

Your probably wondering what the hell I am talking about well lets start at the beginning,

My name is Elena Sampson I am 16 years old, have 3 brothers, Caleb, Kai and Damon.

Damon is 19, Kai is closer to my age he's 17 but he doesn't act like it we both get into serious amount of trouble are neighbours call us the terrible two's because were both partners in crime if one goes down the other has to go down.

Caleb as you already guessed is my younger brother he's the kind of child that gets away with anything because he's cute and innocent but me, Damon and Kai all know he's the devil in disguise.

Anyway my school has decided to take my class to PGL it's going to be great it's 1 week non-stop activity such as raft building, The giant swing and my person favourite non-stop sports I am a sports addict ( if there was such a thing I will be so in there)

That ladies and gentleman is why Caleb is being a whiny baby that kid can't let anyone have any fun what so ever.

But lucky for me he has no say in this matter hah suck on that hahaha, and my parents say yes I can go.

It's going to be great just me and my friends which is basically almost the whole class except a few stuck up 'beeps' My mother told me never to swear unless a reason arises like I am being harassed by a mental person with stalk like issues.


Okay that's my prologue what do you think?

Review please

I'm kind of stuck on chapter 1 of Alone so if you have any ideas it'll be helpful thanks.