Not Anymore

There is a limit to what I can endure,
I have cried and shouted till my throat got sore.
But no, no, not anymore.
I snatch the keys to the door
That had been locked for so long.
No, no, I won't stay anymore.
I'll escape from here by my own force.
I'll do everything on my own for sure.
I was trapped, but no, no, not anymore.

I light a match and burn everything down,
Every picture I used to treasure.
Leave my life, now!
I throw every reminder out of the window,
Scratch every record I sang.
I am better off alone.
I cry to myself sitting on the ground,
You are just a sad memory.
I loved you, but not anymore.

Everything about you now I despise.
I listen to every word you ever said and say;
Lies, lies, lies!
I wasn't able to see through that disguise.
Everything was perfect, just yesterday.
Look at how time flies!
It isn't long till the time the last tear dries,
Soon, I'll be on my way.
Witness how love dies!

Everything engraved on the black page.
All of it shall end.
Everything is now nothing but a burnt image,
The disappearing ink of a pen.
Every feeling that I had shall now fade,
I shall mend myself.
Every feeling that was carved by that blade,
No longer shall it frighten.

The sun has set for a reason.
It's time to seek the next lesson.
A new journey is about to begin.
Time has come for me to leave,

It's sad that I know that you won't miss me.
I told you I'll go, see?
Now I am sailing off the gloomy shore,
All alone, because I need you no more.
No, not anymore.

- Tensai-Teki Kuroneko