A little disoriented, I struggled trying to regain my balance. I kicked my feet vigorously trying to find some level ground. Then I realized there was no ground!

I fixed my vision on the area around me, hoping I could figure out what's going on.

All I could see was black, with gold sparkles flying past me, or maybe, I was flying past it? The idea hit me hard, much harder then it should have.

"Khalil!?' someone shouted. I looked up to find I had ran into Marissa, a floating Marissa!

"What are you doing?" her tone was kind of disturbed, like, like she was scared"

"You can't be here," she said, "wherever here is." Then I started to remember how I got here. The strange man and his "fairy tale." My sister. I looked around a little harder and found her next to Ravi. She seemed fine, which worried me. I turned my gaze back to Marissa and began to speak again.

"Do you even know what your doing!" I argued. "Just saying, but I didn't think leaving with strange guys was your thing." She smiled at that.

"I know." She started, "but his words, they sparked something in me. Something I've only ever felt when I was little. I can't explain it but-"

"Maybe I can explain it for you" Zelos interrupted. Appearing in between Marissa, and I. he grabbed the top of my shirt and started to speak again.

"The chosen were born with their abilities, and you, I imagine, were not"

With those words out, he pushed me back, so that I was about 10 feet away from the group. Somehow, I managed to stop myself though, and regain what balance I had.

"Your right" I said, as I gathered my strength and put them into my words.

"I wasn't born special, I didn't get any abilities, but my sister did, my BEST FRIEND! Did. And I wont let anyone take them away!" I managed to kind of float my way towards Zelos and force him back. We reached my sister and Ravi when he regained control.

"Your way out your league kid." He began. "And unfortunately, you leave me no choice" it was then that he grabbed me by my neck and began to choke me; I felt my oxygen fading fast. I grabbed his wrist with both my hands, trying to pull him away from me. It was then I heard my sister scream.

"Let him go!" she yelled, as she pulled on his arm. With his focus slightly averted to her, I found my only chance. I lifted my feet up so that they were to his stomach, and with all the force I could, I kicked myself away from him and his grip, at least I was pretty tall, I thought to myself, looks like being 5'10" helps.

"Your annoying," he stated, "and we don't have time for this." I looked past him to what looked like a light at the end of the tunnel.

"This is as far as you go," he said. He lifted his arm and pointed his palm toward me, which began to glow bright orange. Rays of light began to swirl around his hand, as he started to speak again. "It's too late to send you back, but I can at least send you away." It was then that he shot that ray of light right at my torso. I thought I was done for, until I realized the light had gone right through me, I couldn't understand what had happened, until I felt a strong pull coming from behind me. I turned my head to see a black portal had appeared. I tried to pull away but it was too late, the lower half of my body was already in and my top half was only seconds away. I reached my hand out; hoping someone would grab me, and pull me out, but instead I was left with what I thought would be the last words I hear.

"You made it kid." Said Zelos. "Welcome to aurora." And just like that, they were gone. I had been dragged into the darkness.