Sharaguna is a place that holds humans, ninjas, demons, and magic together in harmony. Each person that is born into this world is able to control an element. However, some can control the element of the shadows. They are outcasts and are feared by everyone; but there are a few of other elements who do not.

Because of this, these shadow users have banded together and created the Shadow Village as a place where they can live together in peace and safety. Some of the different elements that do not fear them have joined them in the village, because they do not like the discrimination of the rest of the world. But there are also those who wish to one day destroy the Shadow Village.

There is one group that has yet to join the Shadow Village. They are called the Five Shadows: a group of five teenage shadow users, trained to fight and even kill. The five are easily the most skilled and powerful of the shadow users, but use their skills as assassins to make a living. Each of them has their own broken pasts, and they all protect each other like family.

They are about to get the chance to join their kind and be a part of something much bigger than they ever imagined.