Author's Note: Hello all! This is a rewritten version of a story I had on another account, Amaya of the Rain Tigers. The story was called Wounds Always Heal, but I changed it. I do hope you like it, because I am very proud of how my writing skills have improved.

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Sierra stared out the open window of her bedroom. The sun was shining after it had rained heavily the night before. She scanned the cloudless blue sky, stopping just above the trees of the forest. Having crystal clear vision, she could see three falcons in the distance. They were circling something, but Sierra simply brushed it off.

As she stared at the blue sky, she started to hum. This would usually happen when she stared off into space. The tune was that of an old lullaby that her mother, Urano, would sing to her as a child.

A knock at her door jolted Sierra out of her thoughts, making her jump. "Who is it?" she called in a monotone voice. The door opened to show Hikaru standing in the doorway.

Hikaru had been taken in by Sierra's parents when he was little. When they died, he stayed with Sierra; being the same element as her, no one argued. They had been best friends ever since; to her, Hikaru is more of a brother.

"I didn't say that you could come in," she stated bluntly as he came over and sat down opposite her.

"I know," Hikaru said proudly. Sierra sighed and rolled her eyes. He was always like this. When others would get scared, Hikaru would be calm and nonchalant; he had gotten used to Sierra's bad moods.

"I came up to tell you that Ryu and Riki are back," he stated. "We also have a guest that wants to talk to you."

Sierra let out a low growl before she stood up next to Hikaru and walked out of the room. When they walked into the living room, Rikiya and Ryutaro were sitting on the couch, while Arashi was leaned on the table that was on the opposite wall. But, there was also another guy, around their age, sitting in one of the arm chairs.

The guy wore a stone gray t-shirt under a black leather jacket and dark wash jeans that were tucked into combat boots. His short, messy light brown hair hung down in his light gray eyes as they scanned the room. When Sierra and Hikaru entered, he began to stand up, but receiving a warning glare from Arashi's golden eyes made him sit back down.

"Welcome back guys," Sierra greeted with a hint of boredom in her voice. "And who is our guest?"

"Go on," Rikiya told him nodding towards Sierra.

The guy stood up and bowed. "My name is Huyusora Houjin. My father is Harou Houjin, and is the leader of the Shadow Village. I have been sent here to invite you and the rest of the Five Shadows to join us."

Ryutaro snorted. "Why should we take you up on your father's invitation?" There was obvious annoyance in his voice and Sierra didn't like his blatant disrespect; however, she understood how he felt. Both of his parents tried to kill him because he was a shadow user, and everyone who took him in tried to do the same. Even when he joined the group, it had taken him two years to finally open up completely.

Huyusora didn't seem surprised by his question. "I understand why you would be suspicious of this request. However, I can assure you that, by joining the Shadow Village, we can protect you from anyone against you."

"Are you saying that we can't protect ourselves?" Ryutaro growled.

Rikiya put a hand on his shoulder. "Ryu, that isn't what he meant. So, please, try to calm down."

"Well he was implying that!" Ryutaro exclaimed, raising his voice, and pushed Rikiya's hand away.

"Ryu calm down," Sierra commanded in an unemotional, yet aggravated voice.

"But he—," he started trying to protest. But, he stopped short when he turned around and met Sierra's sapphire blue eyes; reflecting annoyance, aggravation, and impatience.

Huyusora simply watched in silence and shock. Never before had he seen anyone hold authority through just a look, nor had he seen such a look before; deep sapphire blue eyes that practically glowed, and showing emotion, but also commanding respect and authority. He came out of his thoughts with the sound of his name.

"Ryu, I am sure that Huyusora did not mean any disrespect of any kind," Sierra assured. "Isn't that right?"

"Y-Yes, of course," he replied shakily. He thought he heard a mildly suppressed chuckle behind her.

Sierra took a step forward so she was standing next to the couch. "We will join you," she said. Ryutaro opened his mouth to protest, but she held a hand to stop him. "Given the condition that you understand that we don't need to be protected, agreed?"

Huyusora couldn't voice a response, so all he did was nod. He looked around at the others, who were all smirking. Yet, he couldn't figure Sierra out; the level of authority and respect she commanded from her group was amazing. The only other person he knew of that commanded the same authority was his father. But, he didn't know why he was so desperate to figure her out.

"If you wouldn't mind waiting outside, we are going to pack a few things," Hikaru requested. Huyusora had been so absorbed in his thoughts, that he hadn't realized that Hikaru had moved in front of him. Sierra was already walking up the stairs, and had Arashi following not far behind. Rikiya and Ryutaro had gotten up from the couch and were at the base of the stairs.

Huyusora simply nodded and showed himself to the door.

"Karu, aren't you done yet?" Ryutaro called up the stairs. "Everyone's already done." He wore a usual outfit of a dark red muscle shirt under a black leather jacket, dark wash jeans that were tucked into combat boots, and one fingerless glove on his left hand.

Rikiya was sitting on top of the table next to Ryutaro. He wore a dark green muscle shirt under a dark brown leather jacket, and cameo green cargo pants tucked into combat boots.

Arashi sat in one of the armchairs, wearing all black. Sierra sat on the couch with a bag and her two swords on the seat next to her, while Huyusora sat in the armchair across from her. Sierra wore a black halter top with a black leather jacket over it, a black mini skirt with black leggings and knee high black boots, and on her hands were black fingerless gloves. Her mid back length, black hair was in a high ponytail with a silver ribbon.

"How long does it take to change and pack a few things?" Ryutaro complained.

"Relax Ryu," Rikiya told him, shaking his head. "We were down here before you and we didn't complain."

"Shut up Riki," he growled back.

"Both of you, that's enough," Sierra interjected. "Karu will get down here soon enough."

Ryutaro clicked his tongue in annoyance, but kept his mouth shut, and Rikiya chuckled a little. Sierra rolled her eyes, and caught Huyusora looking at her before he quickly looked away. She let out a heavy sigh. "Sorry about them. They can get annoying sometimes."

"I don't mind," Huyusora responded, shaking his head. "You all are kind of like a family. I think that it's nice."

"More like a dysfunctional family," Arashi half whispered, and Rikiya burst out laughing.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting," Hikaru apologized as he came down the stairs. The four that had been sitting down, stood up and walked outside. Ryutaro closed and locked the door behind them.

"My father will send a group tomorrow to get the rest of your things," Huyusora explained as they began to run to the west, through the forest.

Ryutaro was about to protest again, but Sierra cut him off and Rikiya elbowed him in the side to silence him. "Thank you," Sierra replied. "Do you think that they could bring the furniture as well? That was very hard to obtain."

Huyusora nodded. "Of course they could."

Ryutaro pushed himself and came up to run beside Sierra. "Why are you being so nice to this guy Sera? We don't need their help."

"Why are you so against their help?" she countered. "Is it Huyusora that you don't trust or is it the village?"

"I trust the village," he snapped, not bothering to lower his voice. "It's this guy that I don't trust."

"Then don't." Ryutaro turned his head in surprise. She looked back at him, her eyes clam and unchanging. "Trust me," she told him. "They are like us: shadow users and outcasts."

Ryutaro held her gaze for a moment, before he sighed and looked ahead. He didn't have it in him to not trust her; she had done so much for him.

"So, how far do we have to go?" Rikiya asked.

"What is your bag getting to heavy for you?" Hikaru asked him mockingly. Everyone laughed, while Sierra gave a small smile; after all, she was still in one of her moods.

"It's actually not that far," Huyusora replied. "We're coming up on it now."

In front of them, large mountains stood spread out across; making a giant wall. When they got to the base, they all jumped to a ledge about a quarter of the way up and entered a cave. At the end, they were standing on another ledge that looked over a large village that stretched over a very large distance.

"Everyone," Huyusora announced, waving his hand over the view in front of them. "Welcome to the Shadow Village."