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So I guess this was it.

My whole life was a lie.

I got used to being popular.

And pretty much forgot about the broken pieces of hard work.

I felt a pinch of sadness when Katsumi stood up and cried in front of the class.

I sort of… regret being so mean to Suzume.

I haven't apologized yet.


But then she slapped me and started screaming.

My head feels heavy.

My heart can't stop beating.




Something is wrong with me.

I HATE MACARONI! (Refer to chapter 1 for the final time)

Then I decided.

Something… very important.

When I grow up, I'm gonna go to England and buy a horse.

But first I must apologise!

Katsumi did a lot when confessing his true personality, so I must be braver.

Thus I hid under my table.

I did pretty well finding those vandalisation and what those short forms meant.

The easier way of explaining things is that I don't want to apologise.

I can just go back to being unnoticed and gain back the lost 10 years of hard work.

Suzume just sat, not a movement.

Staring at the empty board.



My heart can't stop beating.

My head feels dizzy.

I need macaroni.

I get it.

I am in love…


Somehow or another class ended earlier today, mostly my imagination, as I couldn't concentrate.

Suzume walked out of the classroom.

And I followed.

She walked down the corridors.

And I Followed.

She walked into the girl's toilet.

And I stood outside.

She walked down the streets.


She walked through a park.


She entered she house.

And guess what?


The what seemed like servants and maids all stared at me.

Strange how Suzume hasn't noticed me yet.

The hard work are all returning.

She walked up the stairs and I continued to follow.

She opened up a door and I saw Katsumi sitting on a bed.

"Yo bro…" Suzume said.

Katsumi turned his head and like the servants and maid, he saw me.

But he couldn't speak.

Finally, he said…

"The heck?"

Suzume turned.

And finally saw me.

I returned to her the fear of being stalked.

But I took it to a whole new level.

She stood shock.

But then dragged me out of the house.

"What do you want?"

I didn't know what to say.

What did I want?

Then I thought about what was the thing that was closest to love.

So I said, "muffins"

She began to laugh, do did I.

Then I said it,


And then I said,

"I think I fallen for you, too…"

And we lived happily ever after…

Until Katsumi through his maths homework at us.

It has already been a few years since those times.

Right now I laugh at myself for being to stupid.

I hugged my wife,

And closed my diary.

And we lived happily ever after.

Author's Notes :D

It all ends here my dear friend. Hope you've enjoyed it.