Once upon a time, there lived a very handsome young man. His handsomeness even surpassed gods' beauty.

One day, a young woman fell in love with him. She confessed to him and was accepted. She was bursting with joy knowing that her feelings were mutual. She lived happily with him as a couple.

However, since he had the trait of a playboy, he cheated on her. He was caught kissing with another woman. She was very brokenhearted to the point until her mind went blank. She revealed her true self which turned out to be The Goddess of Love. On her rampage, she cursed him so that he will never fall in love with anyone and will never die and age, until he meet his very destined person. Since then, he lived while searching for his very destined person.

This is a famous legend for couples so they will not cheat on each other...

This story is about the long continuation of the legend. Set in year 19XX, about 1000 years after the legend was set.

Will he meet his destined person this year? Or will he continue his painful life of being an immortal?

What will happen once he finds his destined person?