Natalia smirked as she ran her tongue over her fangs and her liquid blue eyes scanned over the dance floor, the whole club was buzzing with energy; laughter, yelling and the constant murmur of talking integrated itself with the music that pulsed through the walls and the floor. But despite all this Natalia could hear the hundred or so heart beats teasing her ears, she shivered slightly from the excitement and her eyes flashed dangerously seeking out her next target. It wouldn't be hard for her to get what she wanted, she was unbelievably beautiful, her features were striking, with cat like eyes and naturally pouting lips, her cheek bones were high, her jaw line well defined and her skin flawless. She wore a figure hugging, strapless red dress and down each side there were gaps with ribbons that crisscrossed down the length. The dress stopped at her thighs and coupled with her stilettos showed off her toned legs amazingly and made them appear longer. Her layered blonde hair fell around her shoulders and her dark smokey make up completed her look, she oozed sex appeal and this was what mainly helped her get what she needed, what she craved.

She slipped off the bar stool and slowly made her way into the throbbing crowd, she closed her eyes and instead of getting lost in the music she got lost in rhythm of the beating hearts, her breathing quickened slightly and she opened her eyes focusing on someone swaying in the shadows. She smiled slightly and walked towards him, he was wasted and the darkness was a perfect cover to get away with murder. She reached him and ran her hands up his chest, he grinned down at her and snaked his arm around her waist. She giggled playing along with him, making him believe she wanted him; she pressed her body against his and nibbled her lower lip encouraging him and he responded. He leaned down and kissed her neck roughly, his other hand grabbing and squeezing her ass. She looked up at the ceiling as she waited for her turn; she had to steady the two of them as he struggled to keep his balance.

He moved away from her neck and she smiled at him sweetly before moving in, she brushed her lips against his skin and pushed him playfully up against the wall. She could feel his chest rising heavily with excitement and her eyes flashed changing color, from the piercing blue to a deep red, her fangs elongated and she sunk them into his neck. He gasped and tried to push her away but she dug her nails into his chest, keeping him pressed up against the wall preventing him from breaking away, his blood flowed into her mouth and she moaned softly. It was like a jolt of electricity coursing through her body, making her skin tingle and gave her a surge of power, it made her feel alive. Natalia could feel him getting weaker and weaker as he slumped back against the wall, it didn't take long for her to drain him and as she stepped away he slid down to the floor and remained motionless, she tilted her head a little and licked the blood off her lips. Slowly her eyes faded back to icy blue and she walked away blending back into the crowd.