What we had was stronger than anything.
The laughs, the smiles and the secrets were shared.
More like one than two it seemed as if we would last forever.
But the distance slowly moved us apart and a decision was made.

It hurt to say goodbye, the tears I cried.
For months the guilt of hurting you tore me up inside.
I considered going back, but you deserved someone closer.
Someone you could see every day, be there in person & hold tight.

We don't talk much now but every time I look back on us I smile.
I gave to you my body, my mind and my soul, something special.
I have no regrets, I wouldn't turn back time or wish it not to happen.
You helped make me what I am today, you've been a part of me changing for the best.

What I want is to know you're happy & most importantly okay.
I see your name & I miss you, & with these emotions I know.
What we had was real love, & the memories will always stay with me.
You're a part of me, always will be & nobody will understand that.