Struggling against the ropes which bound her arms, Aimee gasped as the ice cold water surrounded her. Her lungs tightened, she was going into shock. The darkness closed in, the water constantly rising. She took one last breath as she went under. The pressure of the cold water was too much; she tried to gasp for air, anything that would help her survive. Her lungs filled with water, the icy grip on her throat was unforgiving, and she started to choke. In her mind Aimee was aware that she was slowly slipping away, lights flashed in front of her eyes as her oxygen starved brain began to shut down. Somewhere in the vast emptiness she could hear the crunch of gravel.

Something wasn't right, sitting bolt up in her bed, beads of sweat glistened on her forehead. Breathing heavily she recalled her terrifying dream. The darkness, the water, struggling for air and the … there it was again. Someone walking on the gravel path outside, she strained her ears. Whoever was out there was making their way to the back door. It wasn't until she heard the door handle creak & someone trying to force the door open that she realized they were trying to break in. Had she remembered to lock the door? What if they got in? Panic began to take over Aimee. Failing to open the door the intruder made their way back across the gravel & around to the other side of the house. Passing Aimee's bedroom window they paused slightly. The street lamp causing their shadow to appear menacingly through her curtains, Aimee gripped the bed sheets & held her breath. They moved on. There were a few minutes of silence which seemed like hours to Aimee. It was then she heard the bathroom window being prized open. The window had been broken for some time; it wouldn't take much to open it. Whoever it was wasn't being quiet about the job either; maybe they thought no one was home.

Quietly she crept into the living room, picking up the phone she dialed 911 with trembling fingers. Aimee only jus managed to give panicked details of what was happening before the line cracked & went dead. "Hello?" The line stayed silent. "Hello?" She stared at the phone, fear started to consume her. Should she run? No, she didn't know how many more of them were out there, & if they saw her they would most likely catch & kill her. The sound of the bathroom window crashing open startled her. The house fell silent. It was then Aimee realized the bathroom was just down the hall; total fear and terror gripped her. What she saw next made her heart stop. A hooded figure slowly glided into the room. Gripping the phone tightly Aimee held her breath. It turned to her. "I know your greatest fear." Its deep hoarse whisper cut through her, sending a shiver down her spine. It raised a hand, but there was no hand, only a black mist swirling, hypnotizing, terrifying.

A powerful presence filled the room. That's when Aimee felt it. The darkness, being alone & the feeling that she was surrounded by water. She began to choke. It was the icy grip on her throat & she was unable to move. The lights flashed & danced in front of her eyes. She tried to scream & managed to only gurgle as the hooded figure & her living room faded into darkness.