On appearances the streets looked empty of all life including the undead; all that was to be seen were the abandoned cars and tanks, litter from knocked over bins, fragments of glass and the surrounding buildings which had a meanacing and unwelcoming look about them with the dark windows and the knowledge of what might be lurking inside. But faintly in the distance footsteps could be heard pounding against the solid tarmac and as they came closer the sound became louder echoing off the bleak building walls and in a matter of minutes the figure of a woman could be seen running down the middle of the road. Her dark hair whipped widly around her face as the wind lightly teased it, as she ran in full force it was clear to see how lean and toned she was but still managed to keep her soft curves.

Taylor was wearing a tight black tank top, jeans that were ripped in several places and knee high army styled boots, her chocolate orbs were focused fiercly ahead of her as the sound of claws tapping rhythmically against the road persued her from behind. Earlier she had been out searching for supplies to take back to her make shift camp in the police station when she came face to face with an infected dog, caught unaware she was forced to dodge a lunge and break into a run hoping she would think of a plan as the game of cat and mouse went into full swing. Half way down the road was a four way crossing, in the middle was two large tanks either side surrounded by cars, the tanks were turned in at a awkward angle and there was a sliver of road to get through. Taylor focused all her energy onto making it through this gap, pushing herself even more but her eyes soon caught onto movement, two large and brutish zombies were making their way through the small path between the tanks and were blocking the way.

The young brunette knew there was no way of getting through them with the dog on her heels which would also catch up to her if she thought about climbing over any of the tanks or cars, she seemed to go into slow motion and as she stopped her muscles locked into place preventing her from moving any further. Her hair fell forward over her shoulders and she clenched her fists as she struggled to think of what to do, the two brutes were making their way towards her still blocking the exit and she could hear the hungry snarls of the dog behind her. Still feeling as though she was in slow motion Taylor turned towards the dog who was at least 25 feet from her, as it got closer and prepared to jump the young brunette crouched down just as the dog lunged for her neck but instead of securing the kill he soared straight over her landing on the other side in front of the brutes.

Taylor unclipped two of her knives which were cleverly hidden on her boots and as she rose to stand she skillfully threw them one after the other to lodge into the brutes head causing them to faulter and fall heavily to the ground, the dog was still a problem. It seemed to smirk at her as it snarled and snapped before her, she had her two pistols strapped to either thigh but she refused to use them unless it was a dire situation, as the dog raced towards her again she reached behind her back and slipped out a throwing star which was held in a material belt running across her lower back, the deadly blade glistened in the sun and she stood strong despite the ravinous beast approaching her. Taylor tapped her fingers against the cool metal waiting for the moment which would either save her or kill her, she spotted the dog preparing to go into a lunge and jump towards her, Taylor moved to the right but brought her left hand across which was holding the throwing star dragging it deeply against it's throat severing flesh and muscle. As it landed the dog stumbled and Taylor moved fast kicking it to the ground and picking up a steel pole from the floor and driving it into its head.