Part 1: Prologue

The day was still young. The rising sun had just managed to rise above the horizon, shining its light over the Bumble Kingdom. It would soon majestically defeat the last bit of darkness and rule over this part of the earth for another 18 hours or so... We zoom in on one of the houses in this kingdom. The amount of characters inhabiting the house was not much at the moment... only three people were present.
"This can't go on any longer!" one said, slamming his fist on the table. The person right across him desperately tried to keep the coffee in the mug, that was standing lonely on the table. The spoon in the mug jingled for a few seconds, giving the slam an extra effect. In the background the vague sound of a turret "BLAMBLAMBLAMMING" could be heard, followed by a "BZZZZJJJ" from a Mary Sue Power-Lazer. It were hard times in the Bumble Kingdom, that was caught up in its own terrible and horrifying civil war!
"Speedy, slamming on tables won't help one bit," the third person said. He was calmly leaning against the wall. His eyes were staring at the ceiling... eyes full of thought.
"But we have to do something," the one called Speedy replied, "Right, JK?" he turned to the one sitting across the table. JK nodded and sipped from his coffee.
"Hot," he said. He then saw Speedy looking at him.
"Huh, wha...?"
"I said that we need a plan... right?"
"Uh, yeah," JK said sleepily. He then turned around and looked at the third person with a face that said "what is he talking about?!".
The third person pushed himself of the wall and walked to the table.
"We indeed need a plan... but I doubt we can bring back the peace in this kingdom on our own," he said. With this he answered both Speedy and JK.
"But, Chris... what do we do then?" Speedy replied, "everyone is counting on us!"
Chris glared at Speedy.
"No, that's what you have been saying to yourself, after deciding you would save the whole kingdom. No-one's ever asked you to save it," Chris replied.
"Well, okay... that's true... but still..."
Speedy was interrupted by JK.
"I can recall this kingdom having a king, a queen, and some other powerful people... Aren't they given the task to keep it peaceful here?"
"And they do it very well!" Chris added.
"Well... yeah, but... WAIT! I HAVE AN IDEA!" Speedy suddenly exclaimed, standing up while slamming on the table once more. This time, the mug with coffee was not so lucky. It fell of the table and shattered into pieces on the ground.
"Tell me," Chris said, not paying any attention to the mug that just lost its purpose on this world.
"Nerbs," Speedy said.
"W-What?!" JK exclaimed. Both he and Chris had the urge to facepalm.
"I'm serious!" Speedy said, "look, we need something that makes the two sides, the haters and the shippers, work together... they need a joint enemy!"
"Good plan... but what's the connection with the Nerbs?" JK said, raising an eyebrow.
"Wait... you aren't seriously suggesting...!" Chris said, eyes wide open. He had a hunch what Speedy's plan was.
"Exactly... the Nerbs will be the common enemy!"
It became silent in the room. A turret started BLAMBLAMBLAMMING not far away.
"But how are we going to convince the Nerbs to support this plan?" Chris asked.
"Speaking of Nerbs, I haven't seen a single one around, lately. We first need to find them!" JK commented.
"True... but I know a few people who might know where those Nerbs are," Speedy said, smirking.