Part 54: Crushed Magnolias

"There was nothing sophisticated about that scream," JK thought as this chapter started. And JK knew that sophisticated people screaming unsophisticated things out broken windows in a place where everyone is also polite and sophisticated is highly upsetting. Or, in other words, it would cause people to know that something wasn't right. JK didn't take the time to walk over to the man, but simply stretched his arms towards Bob. A powerful blast of water shot out of his hands, hitting Bob in his back. Bob said more than "HELP!" this time. He gave a loud shriek before he was blasted through the remains of the window, pumping all of the air in his lungs out of his body. His vocal cords transformed the air into a long "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !" until he landed face first into a couple of beautiful magnolias. Not much beauty was left of it. Bob had cruely ended the livespans of at least ten sophisticated flowers. Sophisticated people these days should be kinder with Mother Nature, don't you think? Bob was sleeping between the lucky magnolias that were left. Several shocked people started screaming and one man ran toward Bob to start helping him. Back in the room where Bob was only a few seconds ago, JK repeated his question to the flabbergasted Leonard.
"Now, if you would be so kind to tell me where the mayor is?"
Leonard had forgotten all his sophisticated manners the instant he saw JK blast Bob out of the window and gave a very detailed instructions on how to get to the mayor's office, where mayor Snirp Soor would most likely be. JK thanked Leonard, added a small bow to it and exited the room.

"JK, let's not blast this door down too," Yan almost begged JK when they arrived at the mayor's office. They'd seen two people on the way, but neither had paid attention to them. They were probably too busy with their sophisticated matters.
"Why not? Have the polite manners of the people here influenced you?"
Yan gave JK a deadly glare.
"I'm just saying that doors have this very handy and sophisticated thing called handles, with which you could open it. Here let me show you."
He grabbed the door handle and opened the door in demonstration. He stretched out his hand as an exemplification.
"Now, don't get too funny, or the people out there reading this story are gonna think you're the funny one of our duo."
"Don't break the fourth wall, you idiot!"
"Instead of bickering, you could just come inside," a very familiar voice sounded. JK and Yan both stopped bickering and looked into the room where they saw Thy sitting in a fancy, bordeau-red chair with a piece of cheesecake on a saucer. Half of it had already been eaten. In a corner of the highly decorated room lay the mayor, tied up with his own, ripped-to-long-strings, silk suit. A necktie, probably the mayor's, in the mayor's mouth finished it.
"Don't you know how to knock?" Thy asked.
"Well, I wanted to, but Yan here just threw it open!"
Yan's face got red from anger, as he glared at JK hatefully.
"Now, listen here..."
"Shut your mouth, Yan," another familiar voice sounded from behind them. They turned around and saw Speedy," the whole town hall can hear you."
"I see you arrived here earlier than me," Speedy said.
"We're not the first either."
"So... I'm fourth? Who was first?"
"That's me," Thy said from inside the mayor's office.
"Thy?!" Speedy said, surprised. He did two steps and looked inside the room.
"Well, what do you know... seems you're not the stupidest either."