Part 59: Speedy's Home

"It smells weird in here," was the first thing Crimson said when they were inside. She looked around and sniffed, trying to remember where she knew this smell form.
"Cinnamon!" she exclaimed as she remembered the familiar smell, "It smells like cinnamon in here."
"Ah, that," Nico said, "Speedy is really into scented candles. He lights those whenever he's home. And he likes the smell of cinnamon, so that's the reason for the smell."
"Weird," Crimson said. She turned to Nico.
"Say, what are we looking for exactly?"
"I dunno. Everything could have happened to Speedy. Anything out of the ordinary could be a clue."
"At first glance, nothing here is out of the ordinary," Crimson said, as she walked over to a wooden desk and looked at a few sheets of paces with written words on them. The words were in a language she didn't understand.
"Hey, Nico, what's this?"
Nico, who was searching through several small cupboards, looked up and walked over to Crimson, while he left the small doors of the cupboards open. Crimson gave the sheets of paper to Nico and, with the light of the moon, Nico began reading.
"This is Dutch. I think we should just leave this right here. They're future ideas for this very story. He's got something interesting for us in store with this story, though... very interesting indeed."
"What does it say? Does it say anything about me?"
Nico lifted his head up from the sheets of paper, looked Crimson in the eyes and said:
"You're gonna die very soon."
Crimson's startled face was priceless. So priceless that Nico burst out laughing.
"I'm joking, I'm joking," he said as he laughed, "That face of yours was priceless."
Crimson glared annoyed at Nico. He put the sheets of papers back on the desk and said:
"I'm not gonna spoil anything for ya. But it's going to be great. Let's go search for clues, shall we."
Crimson sighed.
They returned to their search and it didn't take long before they had searched through Speedy's living room with finding anything.
"Nothing!" Nico exclaimed. He scratched his head.
"Maybe there's a clue upstairs," Crimson mooted.
"Maybe. It's worth looking."
Nico and Crimson walked up the stairs and found four doors when they arrived upstairs. Crimson opened the first one and found a bathroom behind it.
"I doubt we'll find any clues in here," Crimson thought before closing the door once again. The second door was a small storage room, filled to the brim with all kinds of things.
"Wow. This place is stuffed with a wide variety of things," Crimson said, slightly in awe.
She grabbed a box on the floor and pulled it from under the open space underneath a small closet towards herself. One glance in the box told her that these were baby-toys.
"Baby-toys?" Crimson said in surprise.
"So this is his infamous storage-room."
Crimson looked up from the box and to Nico.
"Speedy hates throwing things away, so he usually stores it all here. He also hates cleaning with a vacuum cleaner because he could suck things up that are lying on the floor without him knowing. He hates saying goodbye to things that are precious to him."
"Ah, I see... guess there're no real clues here, then."
"I don't think so."
They left the storage room and closed the door. The third door they tried was closed. Apparently, there was something behind the door that Speedy wanted nobody to see. The last door was Speedy's bedroom. It was small, but neatly organised. And that's when they found it...
"Look here!" Nico yelled as he saw a note lying on Speedy's desk, "a note. This'll clear things up."
Crimson looked on the note, but saw that it was written in Dutch again."
"What's it say?"
"Oh, yeah, you can't read Dutch, can you. Well, this is what it says:

To the persons who decided to break into my house because of my vanishment. I have decided to leave the Bumble Kingdom for a while together with Zar and JK to search for Ikegora. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but you don't have to worry about me. Everything'll be alright. We're just going to the Tygonzo Kingdom to do some information gathering. 's All.

Nico and Crimson looked at each other for a moment.
"That idiot!" Nico said, as he slammed the note back on the desk.