Part 9: Making Plans

"This is utter insanity," Mustachio yelled as Speedy and JC disappeared on Rainbow Dash, "What the heck is happening!"
"I have no idea," Q said, "but to me, the wisest thing to do is to contact Ian or any other royals and take care of this mess!"
The ones present (Brawler, DM, Scruffy, Mustachio and SBR) agreed…
"Ian won't be available for some time," a voice suddenly said behind them.
They turned around and saw Dub standing there, Hayzer and Chris standing next to him.
"Dub, thank god, you're here!" Brawler exclaimed, "Fwoosh is on a rampage and Speedy and JC have gone insane!"
"I know… I knew all along! Things are going according to plan."
That shocked them.
"What plan are you talking about?" DM said suspiciously.
"What plan? Oh, I'll tell ya… a plan to take over the Bumble Kingdom!" Dub said grinning evilly.
"W-What! What about Ian!?" Brawler yelled, not believing what he heard.
"Oh, don't worry about him. He and the rest is imprisoned at the moment. No need to ask more about them. In the meantime, I need you out of the way so I can succeed my plan," Dub said.
That was the sign for around twenty Nerbs to come forward with little guns. They were all to surprised and taken back by the situation to do anything.
"Bring them to the BumblePrison," Dub commanded. Pushing them with their guns, the Nerbs lead those people forcefully to the BumblePrison.
"That went rather easily," Chris said to Dub.
"It won't be this easy forever… we need to get ready for some hard opposition!"

"This is certainly not good," a black cloaked figure said, while standing on top of one of the houses of the BumbleKingdom, "I love to see chaos in this kingdom… but the fact that this chaos is not my fault is rather disturbing… I need to come in action… yes! Action! He turned around where he looked at Crimson Knight.
"Crimson, call all the ShadowMinions! We need to protect this city from the Nerbs!"
Crimson nodded, without saying anything, turned around and jumped from the roof to the ground.
"Bring it on, Nerbs!" The Shadow Emperor said, grinning to the sky.

"We need a plan."
A group of BumbleKingers sat around a table. The one speaking was Swifty. The group counted seven member members, excluding Swifty, namely Retro, Werekitty, Nitro, Ziggyfin, Sakra, Strawberry and Shonic.
"Nerbs are roaming the streets everywhere, arresting many well-known people like TheMobian and Redhedge. We need to strike back and try to save this kingdom! I don't know what happened to Speedy, Dub, JC and all those others, but we need to stop it now!"
Suddenly, the door was thrown open. Panda stood in the door opening, with Nazca right beside him.
"Guys, Nazca just came here telling me that the BumbleKastle has risen from the ground again!"
This caused some mumbling in the group. Swifty ended the mumbling by saying:
"Good… that will be our next target!"

"So… that means you're actually trying to save this kingdom with a plan that looks like the destruction of the kingdom?" Frostria said, after hearing Fwoosh's explanation.
"Exactly… please do not tell anyone that I told you… I need to follow my orders now… we'll see each other again on the battlefield!"