A/N: Okay so just normal warnings. This story is Yoai; Don't read if you don't like and yada yada yada. Anyways, the characters I did base off of Beauty and the Beast, but I made it my own and it has my own ideas. if it resembles anyone elses, I'm sorry b/c its purely coincidental. Please enjoy and review! :0

Bellene & the Beast


It is told that once upon a time there was a castle. Broken and desolate, a mighty beast lived within its' walls. It is also told that there was a girl named Bell. At first Bell was forced to stay there as the Beasts' prisoner. But over time the two found love in each other's eyes. The Beast, being cursed, was set free by that love. That is how the story is told. Or so they say.

However, this is how it really happened.

It starts with a young woman named Sarah. With long flowing white hair and jade blue eyes, she was beautiful. She had a young son, about five. With dark blonde hair greatly contrasting with her snow-white hair, he was frail and sick. He lay dying on his deathbed. His name was Bellene. Beauty-untold.

You see, no one knew. Why he was sick. Why the two shared a single cabin miles away from the village shrouded in secrecy. The reason: They were vampires.

No, not the bloodsucking type, but immortal to anything but the sun.

The little boy, Bellene, lay dying, small fangs protruding from pale lush lips. Sarah, his mother, sat by his bedside, night and day. She knew deep down there was no saving him. Why he was sick, she didn't even know.

And so she asked her small boy: "My son, what is that you want most in the world? It can be anything, and I shall give it to you."

The boy looked up at her with hopeful eyes gleaming. "I want a white rose, mama. So I can always remember you." His request told, Sarah left for the night with a deep sadness in her heart at why wanted a white rose, and on a trek that would change everything.

Deep in the forest, she happened upon a great castle. Though it was old and falling apart, it looked beautiful in her eyes. She opened the gates; striding in with the courage only a vampire her age could posses.

Then she saw them. A garden full of the purest and whitest roses. Just like her hair. She smiled, imaging the wide smile bound to spread on her sons' small thin face.

Plucking a single rose, she stood to leave.

"What do you think you're doing?" a deep guttural voice called. She turned, facing the Beast. He stood well above her, covered in coarse brown fur and red eyes. Two long black horns rose from his animal head. A black cape draped from his wide shoulders.

Shocked only a moment, the brave vampire bared her chest. "I wish to take one of your white roses. It is for my son. He is sick…and dying."

Her sad voice reached the Beasts' heart.

"Fine. But be warned, there is a price to pay."

"What shall it be?" Sarah asked bravely.

"My roses contain a certain kind of magic. In twelve years time, your son must bring back to me a single petal from that very same rose," his mighty clawed finger pointed to her neck, "within that necklace."

Bewildered and not quite believing his words, Sarah reached for the circle shaped locket around her pale neck. Without further doubt, wanting to block painful images and hopeless miracles, she reached out to the Beast.

"I shall. I promise on my life that you will see that rose petal again." Placing a hand on his fury cheek, she looked into his lost and defeated eyes of someone who's given up, and sent him hope through hers. She was not going to break her promise.

Soon, she was gone, much like wind, leaving the Beast to stand in his garden of white roses.

Bellene was nearly dead. His mother shook his frail shoulder with a gentle touch. His crystal blue eyes looked up at her in admiration and question.

"Look here Belle, mommy has found you a white rose." His little eyes widened, reaching for the rose, careful of the thorns.

"Thank you mama. Now I'll always remember you." Bellene smiled wide, before slowly closing his eyes. Sarah flinched, seeing his weak breaths stop.

Bellene was dead.

Sarah lay down next to him, holding his small frame in her arms, giving him his last warmth. Her last thought before she fell asleep was if the white rose really was magic and her son would live to see another day.

"Mama! Mama!"

Sarah woke to the sound of her sons' voice. She didn't want to believe it at first, knowing that if it was only a dream her old heart would break.

"Mama, look! It's a magic rose! I feel a lot better now!"

And he was right. Sarah saw the rose in the boy's hands. It shone like silk, soft and delicate. When she looked up at her boy, he looked healthier than ever, a wide childish smile running across his face with two small fangs poking through.

She leaped up, embracing her boy like she'd never let go. She thought to herself, that rose really is magic! My boy is alive!

Bellene never noticed, but later that night, Sarah picked a single white petal from the delicate rose, and gingerly placed it within her golden locket before promptly snapping it shut and lacing it around Belles' little neck.

Yes. Someday he'll find that castle too, and he'll find the Beast to return the little petal and fulfill my promise…

So there you have it. The story of how Bellene lived and the promise made to the Beast. But, that is only the beginning…