di Angelo, Rocco Carmine; aged 15

17 July 2005

"Fonsy! Give that back!" The little guy screamed, as he tried in vain to reach for the gaming console above his head that an older kid was holding.

"Nuh-uh, little brother. Remember what Frankie said," the older kid said, nudging the arm of another boy who was next to him.

"If you can't reach it, you can't play it." He smirked.

"BUT FONSY!" The little kid whined. "ME WANTS TO PLAY!" He was almost in tears now.

The older kid, Fonsy, put the console behind his back and glared at the kid.

"What did I say about calling me..." he paused and lowered his voice. "Fonsy." (Accompanied by the snooty voice he always had...)

"You call me Roccotoy, anyway..." The kid, Roccotoy, said in a matter-of-fact tone. "I think I have every right to call you Fonsy." He finised and crossed his arms.

Fonsy huffed and crossed his arms as well.

"He has a point..." Started Frankie, then started to laugh. "Fonsy." He snorted.

"Shut up, you."

"I'm going to tell mommy and daddy on you two..." Roccotoy threatened.

"I dare you." Fonsy smirked.

It was so on.

So, I guess this is the part of the story where I say that it is obviously me (Roccotoy) with my brothers, Alfonso (Fonsy, and oh, he's so going after me once he finds out I've outed his nickname,) and Franco (Frankie) fighting over a game console when we were younger. I was about 5, I think, and we just moved here in L.A. from New York. Fonsy and Frankie were 8 and 7, respectively then.

I chose to write about this particular memory since we do still fight a lot like when we did then. Nicknames, books, games, TV shows, you name it. Some things never do change. Plus, this story is one of my favorites. As always, useless banter with my brothers are some of my "peaks of the day".

As you know, or maybe not, our parents are busy most of the time, so I'm usually spending my time with my two older brothers. We fight like this all the time but we don't get physical with each other. Just plain, clean, playful fighting. On the down side though, I'm their favorite target when it comes to teasing.

I'm pretty close with these two guys, since we're always around each other, and we communicate constantly, especially with Fonsy- I mean, Alfonso, being away for his first year at NYU, and Frankie is in his last year of high school. I can always count on them for great advise on girls (ESPECIALLY GIRLS), sports, and life in general. And the age gap isn't really a problem. Alfonso's 18, Franco's 17 and I'm 15, so yeah.

And yes, my brothers can be such dicks to me sometimes, but they're alright.

What do you guys think? It's the first of eight! Review please! x