Jesse of the Bugs-Ants

A nineteen year old young man wearing black anbu pants and a fish net shirt was calm as he down a dirt path that would lead him to Konohagakure; a headband was around his neck with the kanji for masochistic bugs. On his pants were two kunai holsters and two holsters each for shuriken and senbon. The boy was tan and had short, wavy orange-brown hair and a blue eye as well as a solid red eye; the red eye was almost blind unless the boy was using it. The most noticeable thing on the boy, were his scars; all over his arms and chest were scars of silver, pink, faded maroon, and some red with scabs, they were on his legs as well though they were covered. The next noticeable thing was the noise; he was buzzing and chirping and scrapping, all caused by one thing. This boy was a bug user named Jesse Aburame.

Jesse looked up just as his bugs warned him about the gates; they were extremely large and closed. Jesse frowned when no one noticed him so he took a deep breath and added chakra to his throat before whistling; the shrill noise made the guards freeze before jumping down a few feet away from him. Jesse remained relaxed but his bugs scurried to his limbs, chest, and back, under his skin; ready to attack for their master.

"State your business," one of the chunnin said.

"Returning," Jesse replied calmly.

"What is your business with this village? Do you have a clan here?" the other chunnin asked.

"Yes, my clan resides here," Jesse replied.

"What clan?" asked the first chunnin.

That was when all of Jesse's bugs sprang from his body; the chunnin gasped at them all. There were ants of all colors and sizes, all shapes and species; some were flyers while some were warriors with big pincers and venom and the others were quick on their legs. Jesse raised an eye brow at the shocked chuunin; they obviously were used to that. The ants slowly returned to Jesse's body.

"'That answer your question?" Jesse asked and the two chunnin nodded dumbly.

After a few sheets of administration, Jesse was finally walking down the streets of Konoha. Jesse was silently looking at the village and taking in the shops and hotels he'd need while he was there while also looking for any clues of where the Aburame clan resided; they were his clan but he was still curious about them since it had been so long since he'd been home. Jesse stopped walking when his sensory kicked in, his ants always watching and feeling around him; he looked around and noticed a team of three plus a puppy.

"Come on Shino, it's just ramen," the dog boy begged; Jesse guessed he was an Inuzuka.

"That's exactly it Kiba; it's just ramen," the hidden boy replied quietly but firmly; Jesse figured he was Shino so the other boy was Kiba.

"B-But we mi-missed lunch and we-we don't s-spend a lot of free it-time together," a soft girl said.

"Hinata-chan's right," Kiba added and the puppy parked. "We don't spend time together as a team."

"Whatever," Shino muttered defeated and followed his now gloating friend and Hinata; true be told, he wanted to go home, his father had said someone important was coming for a visit.

Jesse tilted his head; that must be Shibi's son. Not only did they look alike but they acted alike as well; he felt happy for his little hitoshi (nephew), he had grown so much since a four year old. Jesse watched as his hitoshi and his friends walked into a shop marked as Ichiraku's Ramen; Jesse snorted before entering as well.

"I would have thought you'd sense me by now hitoshi," Jesse said.

Shino turned with a slight smile. "I did, I was just waiting for you," he replied before hugging his oji (uncle); who ruffled his hair.

"Who's he?" asked Kiba as he slurped a noodle.

Shino separated from his uncle. "This is Jesse Aburame; my oji," Shino introduced.

"So he-he controls bugs li-like you?" Hinata asked.

"Yup," Jesse replied with a smirk. "But not the kikaichu."

Shino looked at his uncle in surprise. "Then what?" he asked.

Jesse smirked. "I'll tell you when I tell your father," he replied, "unless you find out yourself."

When Jesse sat down, Shino gasped at the sight of his uncle's back, he knew what the scars were from instantly. "Are those from what I think they're from?" he asked in surprise.

Jesse smirked at him. "That they are," he replied as Hinata and Kiba looked at his back in question.

Shino sat by his uncle. "Where could you get them?" he asked in surprise.

"Wait a second. What are those?" asked Kiba in shock; some of the scars were horrible.

"They're called travel tubes," Shino replied.

"Some Aburame choose to carry different species of bugs," Jesse explained. "Some are too big or some can't get wet so they come out the back; the driest part on the body but also the easiest place to leave a scar."

"Come out the ski-skin?" asked Hinata in confusion.

"The bugs live inside us, you don't think they come out by magic do you?" asked Shino before holding his hand out, palm up.

Hinata and Kiba watched as one of Shino's bugs crawled up Shino's arm from under his skin and stop at the tip of his finger. Kiba grimaced at the bugs tore itself from Shino's finger and to the surface.

"They cut themselves out," Jesse said.

"Doesn't that hurt?" asked Kiba.

"You become immune to it," Shino replied. "And the bugs' saliva numbs it." They watched as the bug buried back into Shino's arm.

"Aburame-sempai." The four turned to the door to see an Aburame.

"Yes?" Jesse asked.

"Aburame-sama wishes to have an audience with you," the Aburame replied before he walked away; not even checking to see if Jesse was going to comply.

"I have half a mind to stay here," Jesse muttered as he stood.

"If my father's mad at you then he'll show no mercy," Shino replied.

Jesse huffed and sighed before a flyer red ant crawled from one of the back scars to Jesse's shoulder. "Tell my dear brother I'm on my way please," he told the bug and it flew away.

Jesse hopped down from his seat before glancing at Shino. "Going my way?" he asked.

Shino nodded and hopped down from his stool before walking out with his uncle. "Later Shino!" Kiba shouted, followed by Hinata's meek goodbye.

"So how were your travels?" asked Shino as he walked by his uncle; both of them were ignoring the stares coming in from behind them for Jesse's back.

"Pretty good," Jesse replied with a smile. "I now house many ants of all species, some of them more venomous then the others."

"How can you fit so many in your body?" Shino asked shocked.

"Chakra, lots of chakra to offer and being physically strong," Jesse replied.

Shino stayed silent after that for they had entered the Aburame compound; they nodded to the guards before they entered Shibi and Shino's home. Shibi was inside, sitting on a window sill, staring at the scenery while his bugs crawled on his face; he turned when his bugs alerted him to company. Shibi smiled softly at his younger brother and son; he stood to greet them.

"Hello otouto," he said with a small smile.

"Nii-san," Jesse replied with a nod.

Instead of hugging or shaking hands like most would, they exchanged bugs. Shibi and Jesse held their hands out and from them crawled their kikaichu and ants; flying away from their master to the other and into their bodies. Though strange to other Aburame and people, it was the only way the two brothers could communicate with each other without scuffling in some way since they were taught as children to show little emotion to family.

"Are you staying this time otouto?" asked Shibi once the new bugs were settled.

"Yes, Lady Hokage-sama has asked me to be a sensei for an Aburame; a one man team," he replied as he took a seat with Shino next to him.

"You must be talking about Shi," Shibi said with a sigh. "He's from Shino's mother's side; an orphan. We were going to take him out of the shinobi lifestyle but it was too late."

"Why?" asked Jesse; even Shino was curious too but it would be rude to interrupt to brother speaking.

"His body gets an allergic reaction to the kikaichu, like your did," said Shibi sadly and Jesse grimaced. "He's only an empty shell; nothing resides in him and he's reserved because of it."

Jesse looked down in thought before his eye caught one of his ants on his foot; his head snapped up in shock with an idea. "Who is his legal guardian?" he asked.

"No one has adopted him so I am," Shibi replied with question in his voice.

"I'll adopt him," Jesse said instantly. "And can I have permission to administer my bug species into him?"

"What species?" asked Shibi. "I don't even know what resides in you."

"Ants," Jesse replied and held up his hand; ants crawled out of his fingers. "They are just as, if not more, effective as kikaichu."

Shibi took a moment to think before nodding. "You will be responsible for him and his training, do well."

"I will," Jesse replied confidently.

~Academy Team Choosing~

Inside a classroom of bubbling excited students was a single, brown haired boy who sat in the back by himself. He wore a blue vest with the collar high with a black short sleeve shirt; not very tradition in his clan, and sunglasses over his eyes to protect them from the light. He was the saddest student in the room for he felt he wasn't normal.

Shi Aburame sighed sadly as himself and other students were put into teams for their new lives as ninja; he'd be a horrible Aburame ninja without kikaichu. He was sad because he couldn't control bugs like his family like he had always wanted; not even the fact that he was getting adopted made him happier, once they found out he couldn't control bugs, they'd leave him. Shi was jumped from his thoughts when he felt something crawl on his thoughts; thinking the worst, he jumped away.

Shi was surprise, instead of a kikaichu like he had thought, it was an ant; an ant about the size of an inch with a large abdomen and it was flying, looking at him. Shi hesitated before holding his hand out; the ant landed on him and began to walk around on his hand, feeling his skin and smelling him with its strong senses. Despite himself, Shi giggled at the small bug lovingly; it would be amazing to control ants was what he was thinking.

"It would seem that one of my queens has taken a liking to you," Shi looked up in shock before standing and bowing quickly.

"I'm sorry, I won't mess with her again," he quickly apologized.

Jesse chuckled and caught the flying queen ant. "She came to you, you are not in trouble," he said.

Shi looked up in surprise. "I don't understand," he replied.

Jesse placed the ant on Shi's open hand. "She wishes to make you her host," he replied.

Shi looked at Jesse in shock. "Host, like the Aburame and kikaichu?" he asked slightly excited.

"Yes," Jesse replied. "If you will allow her and her children to live within you," he said.

"Yes," Shi replied instantly.

Sensing her new master's acceptance, the queen ant buried herself into Shi's arm and began to crawl under his skin. Shi smiled widely to himself, he was a host, and without the kikaichu; he could be an Aburame and a ninja. Jesse chuckled at Shi's happy expression and ruffled his hair; making Shi look at him.

"That queen will reside near your stomach where the warmth and most chakra is; within an hour, she'll have laid over a hundred eggs, and within a few days, those eggs will be full grown ants that will fight with you," he explained.

Shi nodded. "Thank you," he said instantly and bowed low.

Jesse chuckled. "No need," he replied before turning. "Come on."

Shi looked up and noticed the classroom was empty. "But my team and sensei," he said in worry; did they forget him?

"I'm your team and sensei," Jesse replied. "I'm Jesse Aburame and I'm your new guardian too."

Shi looked at him in surprise. "My sensei and guardian? Can this day get any better?" he asked and he ran after his new adoptive father.

Jesse chuckled. "Let's get to my home and we'll discuss the transaction with my brother."

"Shibi-oji?" asked Shi.

"Hai," Jesse replied.

~Time Skip-One Week~

"Man," Shi lightly whined, "these missions aren't mission at all. Just chores people are too lazy to do."

"I know," Jesse muttered in reply. "D-ranks have never been fun, but they're important."

"Important to me how? They're for making teamwork work but I don't have a team to work with."

"You have your ants," Jesse replied before snapping his fingers with a smile. "It's been a week; there's probably near five hundred by now."

Shi looked at him in surprise and happiness; he'd been waiting all week to use his ants for the first time. "Can you train me with them now?" he asked.

"Sure," Jesse replied. "Just call them; with your mind. Because you're an Aburame, they'll be able to hear your thoughts and act on them."

Jesse held his hand out and three ants buried themselves out; each looking different. "The colony has five types of ants, the king and queen who stay inside, and then the flyers, who do long distance, the warriors, who do short distance, and the workers who build and repair, find food, care for the babies and so on," he explained.

Shi stared at the three ants before holding his hand out; two workers and a warrior appeared. Shi frowned and tried to summon a flyer but none came out. Shi looked at Jesse in disappointment.

"I can't call the flyers," he said in dismay.

Jesse chuckled and smiled reassuringly. "The queens' first instincts when making her colony is to make a king, and then make worker to build her colony and finally the warriors to protect them. The flyers are last," he told him and Shi nodded in understanding.

"When will I get flyers?" he asked.

"It depends on the person," Jesse replied and the ants returned to his body. "When the person and the queen are ready, then they are laid, hatched, cared for, and then ready to fight."

Shi nodded and looked at the ants on his hand. "What can the workers and warriors do for me in a fight until the flyers come?" he asked curiously.

"The workers can do plenty," Jesse replied as they continued to walk down the street to the Hokage tower. "They are quick on their feet and have great senses."

"So they only tell me when an enemy is near?" asked Shi; truly unknowing to how powerful his parasites are.

"Yes and no, they can also search forest floors for where food is should you need it and water and they can tell whether something has been tampered with; like poison or some sort of toxin. They sting but it doesn't last long unless a person is allergic; they're also healers," Jesse replied.

"Healers how?" asked Shi confused. "Healers to the others workers?"

"To them and you," Jesse replied. "The workers first instinct when their home is damaged is to repair it; you're their home so they'll heal your wounds at a reasonable enough rate with their saliva and other materials around like plants or rock or dry dirt. Don't have to worry about the material because it'll become part of you with the help of their saliva."

"And the warriors?" asked Shi as they entered the building.

"Short range," Jesse replied. "Given time, they can climb a person quickly and they can deliver toxins, poisonous or paralyzing or flat out hurt. They also aren't afraid to crawl down throats or up other places to stop an enemy as well; they don't sleep much so their always protecting you, whether you're awake or asleep."

After Jesse finished, he went quiet to allow Shi to take the information all in to remember for the future. When the two reached the missions office, Jesse told Shi to remain outside so he could try to get them a C-rank mission instead of a D-rank; Shi complied and sat in one of the chairs. When the door opened, he looked up with a smile, expecting Jesse; but ended up with his worst enemies.

"Well if it isn't the Aburame," sneered Toru; the lead boy of the other two.

"What Aburame? He doesn't have those freakish bugs!" shouted Koro and the others laughed.

"Can't even succeed at being a freak!" the girl, Chamu added and they laughed harder.

Shi growled at them; as this was happening Jesse exited the office with their C-rank mission. Jesse stopped short and heard the transaction; he waited and watched to see what his adoptive son would do. Shi stood with a glare; his ants buzzing at his anger and ready to attack.

"The Aburame aren't freaks and I don't need the kikaichu to be an Aburame," he growled; standing up for himself and his clan. As all this was happening, Jesse noticed Shi was sending his ants toward the three others; the three not noticing at all.

"Yeah they are, what clan uses bugs? And why do they cover up? I bet it's because they're even ashamed of themselves," Toru sneered and there other two laughed more.

Still unnoticed by the three other gennin, Shi's warriors and a few workers had begun to climb up their legs and onto their exposed toes. Jesse smirked and got ready in case of a fight or argument with their sensei; this was gonna be big. Finally the three stopped laughing and one of them spoke up.

"Why don't you-AHH!" screamed Chamu in pain and the other two boy copied as the ants began to painfully sting them.

As the three jumped up and down to try and get the painful ants off of them; Jesse and Shi were laughing at their pain. Suddenly their sensei, Genma, walked out of the office; he noticed his jumping students and the ants that were returning to Shi's body. Genma sighed in annoyance when his student came crying to him.

"Sensei! Did you see what he did?!" screeched Koro and Shi became slightly nervous; afraid he'd get in trouble.

Genma sighed. "Yeah, you *cough* were just attacked by *cough* tiny, little ants," he replied with a fake angry look toward Shi and his gennin smirked at Shi; thinking he was in trouble.

"That tells him his argument for a C-rank mission was wasted," Jesse added as he walked over with a smirk; the three gennin gasped at their sensei when he nodded in agreement.

"You should have been *cough* able to sense the ants' chakra *cough* or had felt their legs on yours *cough*," Genma replied and Shi was surprised when he looked at him. "You're very good at using your *cough* bugs for an Aburame beginner," he praised.

Shi smiled cheekily while rubbing his neck and silently thanking his ants. "Thanks, but it's all really thanks to my sensei," he replied and Genma nodded at Jesse who returned it.

Genma looked at his gennin team. "Come on *cough*, you guys have to pick up the cow dung at the *cough* dairy farm," he told them and they all gasped while Shi snickered at them.

Jesse smiles and thoroughly ruffled Shi's hair; making him whine and scramble to get way. "Good job," he said with a loving smile.

Shi looked at him shocked; not used to praise before he smiled. "Thanks tou-san," he replied; one of those rare times that he called Jesse dad.

Jesse nodded before he clapped his hands once. "Okay, we got our C-rank mission," he said.

"What is it?" asked Shi curiously as they walked out of the building towards home.

"Tomorrow we must guard a prince named Hikaru and his pets, a saber tooth named Chamu and a monkey named Kiki," Jesse replied. "From here to the Wave where he'll meet his samurai that'll take him to the Water Country."

"How old is this kid?" asked Shi.

Jesse glanced at Shi in thought. "Maybe your age, maybe a year older; Hokage-sama wasn't sure because they last time they had to do a job for him he was about ten and that was about three years ago."

"Hopily he won't be a spoiled brat," Shi muttered as they entered their section of the Aburame Compound.

Jesse chuckled with a smirk. "We don't have to worry about that," he replied, "Naruto beat that out of him those years ago."

~The Next Morning~

Shi shuffled back and forth on his feet as he and his father waited for their prince Hikaru and his pets to arrive. It was only moments before Hikaru was coming over with a chunnin; he was riding on the saber, Chamu, with the monkey, Kiki, on his shoulder. Hikaru smiled and waved at them while the chunnin left.

"So you're my guards to the wave country?" he asked while Kiki hopped off his shoulder and ran down his arm.

"Yes," Jesse replied, nonchalant as Kiki ran up his arm and to his shoulder. "We are Jesse and Shi Aburame."

"It nice to meet you," Hikaru said with a large smile and Chamu gave a short roar.

"Hey-! No!" sad Jesse to Kiki who had picked up one of his ants to eat.

Hikaru and Shi watched as Jesse gently but firmly took the ant from Kiki's small hand with the glare. Hikaru made a face of disgust and Shi made a face of annoyance as Jesse stuck the ant into his own mouth while still glaring at Kiki; unknown to Hikaru, the ant buried itself into Jesse's inner cheek and back to his head. Shi chuckled nervously at Hikaru who looked at him shock.

"Don't mind my father's ways of saving bugs," he said.

"We should be going," Jesse said and they nodded before they began to leave the gates and walk down the road.

"I hope you don't mind if I teach my student while we are traveling Hikaru-sama," Jesse said.

"Not at all, as long as you don't mind if I watch and ask questions along the way," Hikaru offered with a smile.

Jesse returned it while Shi blushed; suddenly bashful to train in front of others. "Of course, do you have any questions before we begin?" he asked.

"Well," Hikaru said uncertainly. "I figured that you guys used bugs so I'm curious; how do the Aburame house bugs within their bodies?" he asked.

Jesse smiled. "A normal question," he replied before looking up in thought; Jesse had Hikaru's and Shi's full attention. "The Aburame are born with different attribute than a human body; our bones are wider and hollow and our muscle threads are looser."

"For what?" asked Hikaru; intrigued.

"For the bugs to travel in," Shi supplied with a smile.

Jesse ruffled his hair. "Yeah, our bugs live in our bones, muscles, skin, and sometimes organs, feeding off our chakra or dead cells," he said.

"And that's healthy?" asked Hikaru.

"For an Aburame," Jesse replied, "I don't know what would happen to a regular ninja for it's never happened but I can only guess that they would be eaten alive."

"Woah," Hikaru whispered and Shi silently agreed. "The Aburame are amazing."

"You're one of the few to say that," Shi told him.

Hikaru frowned. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Jesse sighed. "Civilians usually fear the Aburame and think us freaks; some even try to make us leave the village. Some write specifically in their mission request for there to be no Aburame."

"But don't missions bring in money? How do the Aburame live?" asked Hikaru with sadness and worry.

"Regular Aburame carry special beetles, unlike Shi and I who are allergic," Jesse replied, "those beetle have the ability to make Soldier Pills, chakra supplements, with their saliva and have been known, as well as our ants, to help find poisonous animals to make anti-toxins; the Hokage pays us for that."

"Oh," Hikaru said in thought.

"So what am I learning sensei?" asked Shi and Hikaru looked at Jesse too.

"Well, you can already climb a tree and walk on water so next it to train with your bugs," he replied.

"Like to fight? Shouldn't I wait until I get my flyers?" Shi asked confused.

"No, with your senses," Jesse replied with a smile. "Summon a bunch of ants."

Shi complied and a bunch of soldiers with a few workers gathered on his arms, shoulders, upper chest, and neck; Shi looked at his father for guidance on what to do next. Jesse smirked before pulling down Shi's headband, which was on his forehead, to cover his eyes so he couldn't see. Shi stopped walking in shock, without pulling off the headband, afraid he stumble or run into something; Jesse and Chamu with Hikaru stopped and looked back at him.

Jesse chuckled darkly. "No-no, keep walking," he said with a smirk.

"But I'll run into something," Shi whined nervously and his ants become nervous with him.

"Not as long as you trust your ants to tell you which way to go or to do what," Jesse replied. "This exercise is to help you gain the trust of your bugs and to also make your other senses stronger."

Shi sighed before taking a deep breath and bravely walking forward; listening to his ants carefully, their voices as one inside his head. Once Shi caught up to them, Jesse and Chamu with Hikaru began to walk again down the path. Every so often for the next half hour, Shi would trip or hit something or go off the path, making Jesse smirk and mentally laugh while Hikaru openly snicker, making Shi frustrated but more determined to get it right.

Shi cursed in pain when suddenly he tripped on a moderately large rock and his arm got a large scrap over it; Hikaru gasped and was about to check on him but Jesse stopped him. Shi sneered at himself as he pulled his headband off his eyes and stared at the bleeding cut; he huffed in annoyance before he became shocked. Though Jesse told him this, it stile shocked him, Shi's worker ants left his body near his wound; some dropped to the ground and began to mix dirt and saliva while others drank the blood and used their saliva to close the smaller veins. Shi watched as the ground ants walked up his arm and began to clump the wet dirt in his wound with the natural platelets until it was closed and clean; the ant returned to Shi's body as he stood back up, still staring at his arm.

"Wow," he breathed and Jesse smirked.

"I told you they'd do that," he replied before pulling his son's headband back down.

"I know, but wow," Shi replied while walking; a new found respect for his bugs.

It was after the incident that Shi began to walk with more confidence and was tripping less and less until he was walking down the road without and problem and even talking with the other two while letting his ants work. It was hours later when he was dark and the three decided to stop for the night. Shi got the fire together while Jesse hunted a few rabbits; Hikaru got filled the canteens from the river that was nearby. When they were all situated around the fire, Jesse stopped Shi from taking his share of the rabbits.

"Something wrong Jesse?" he asked in confusion.

Jesse pulled out three apples before laying them in front of Shi. "If your ants can tell you which apples are bad and why they are; you can eat," he replied.

Shi huffed before staring down at the apples; he placed his hand on the ground and summoned his worker ants. Over thirty ants left his hand and the three watched as the ants crawled all over the apples; feeling them with their antenna and eating a bit as well. Shi frowned when all the ants from the middle apple returned while only a few from the right and left apple did; the rest left twitching until they died.

Shi looked at Jesse. "The other two apples are poisoned," he said sadly.

Jesse nodded while looking at Shi's dead ants. "I'm sorry they had to die but you have to remember that those ants were ready to die for you and that they will die; no matter what you do," he replied.

Shi nodded. "I understand," he replied before he began to eat with Hikaru and Jesse joined them.

They remained quiet until they finished and got ready for bed. Hikaru slept again Chamu with Kiki in his arms while Shi slept against a tree, lulled by the buzz of his ants and Jesse remained awake sitting on a high tree branch while his flyers kept a perimeter; if one died then he'd sense it and whether its cause of death was unnatural. So far, everything was quiet.