Jessica Savery 4th October 2012 English

The child's story - Part 1

It must have been morning; I heard those god forsaken birds again, why- why won't all of them just drop dead. And my head it hurts- a lot. I tried to get up but let's face it I'm really lazy. I'm staying in bed, yes that shall be plan for the day- is lazy. I really like that plan. As I said those words something horrible happened. The door opened and she came in. Lizzy and she was smiling a lot- as usually, don't get me wrong I have nothing against her its just that I don't trust people that can smile so much and all before noon at least if she was being crazy drunk it would be acceptable. But if she were I'm sure she would be fried before I even get a chance to see her.

"Good morning Sophia. How are you? It's a lovely day out. I'm sure you would love all that is planned for you today starting with break first in bed and then getting fitted for your gown-Oh my goodness! Why are you still in bed? You must get up at once and bring some light into this lovely room" she spoke those evil words as she headed to wards one the four large windows and pulled the Curtains back- the sun just pored in like liquid gold and it hurt my eyes " warning much?" I said "come on my dear you who is a princess must enjoy today of all days, it is your 18th Birthday and best of all their will be a ball in you name! You will surly enjoy it" she said it as I remembered, yes its true I'm a princess and she's just an annoying as hell ladies maid. And I hated my Birthday most off all. It was 10 years ago my life started falling apart. I mean it everything came crashing down "you know for a fact that I hate my birthday. And my Father knows it too. Why he must through a ball in my name my full the kingdom but I don't buy it at all." I said annoyed and it showed in my voice "my dear that happened 10 years ago, you must let go and seeing as how you refuse to tell anyone what happened everyone more or less think that your fine" I frowned as she said those words I mean I know she's right but I don't talk about it because I don't want to accepted it. It was a horrible time and I never want to even think about it again. Unfortunately I'm not that lucky "your still having the dreams aren't you?" she said out of the blue. I could not answer she's the only one that knows that I was afraid I still am. Every time I close my eyes the pictures, sounds … memories come back to me. That's the problem on the out side I can look perfect. Be perfect but on the inside where its only me there, where I cant find for my self, I can run- run all I want but when its times for sleep I don't get dreams, I don't get nightmares I get memories and there very bad. That whys I don't sleep very often. I can last about 3 days…72 hours before I need to get some sleep or I will loose it. And I cannot afford that. Ha that's funny I'm the crown princess off one of the richest Kingdoms on the planet and I cannot afford something. I looked back down to my bed and I say the sliver tray with a big stack of pancakes , fruits on the side, little cups of chocolate sauce and a can of spray on whipped cream. I prefer that on pancakes what can I say? "If you don't mind I would like to eat my break first alone with out anyone in here, I need to think about some stuff. So if you please" I asked and she curtsied and walked out shutting the doors along with her. I took a bit of the pancake and then let the fork fall on the tray. Now I can't stop thinking about what happened 10 years ago. Huh 10 years that's a decade, that sad but encouraging all at the same time. What happened 10 years ago? The worst part of my life …

10 years ago, royal library

"Oh my god I'm so board, why do I need to learn Trigonometry and Physics all on the same day" he asked as that man paced the wide room while I drank the tea he pasted me, which was weird because he hates me drinking (ok its not just drink, its anything from reading to even day dreaming) while I'm meant to be 'learning' and geese he's still pacing the library. I love room it's huge and filled with great things. These great things I speak of are loads of books. Along with the best grand Piano, you will ever see, right in a far Conner. It's almost always quite and it's just… perfect. Too bad now everyone's relished that I hang out in here and look here for me almost at once I 'disappear'. That's just plan no fun, the point into Disappearing was so that everyone would leave me alone. If they find me that is just a plain waste of my time, but never the less I have now found a now hiding place right in this very room. In a secret cupboard right new to the kingdoms history and thanks to the internet people do not need to know about history using books but just use the internet. Ha to them. "Miss Sophia if you would be ever so kind as to pay attention when someone is trying to explain something to you, which would be great." The annoying man asked – but I could tell he was not asking but trying to point out a fact. Goodie. "As a matter of fact I would mind, seeing how I already know everything you are teaching so if you would be so kind as to please keep quite and allow to complete my work that would be gre-"I was cut of as I saw his skin fade and the red come shooting out from one side of his head and out the other. As that happened what was happening let out a soft grown and feel to the floor. Knee's fist and the rest shortly followed him; he hit the plush dark brown carpets as a deep red coloured the space around him. Was he shot? A better question came into mind. Who was it meant for me or him? Wait no; a profession would not miss something like that. Unless he or she did not miss, may be it was aimed for him to get me alone in to room with out anyone to see… or help.

I had to get out of here. And I ran faster than I ever imaged I could, got to the door and yanked it open. The hall way was filed with pictures and objects it also looked very regal. What am I talking about? This is a place of course it would. With its thick cream coloured wall and dark oak wood paneling I ran across the carpet. Oh may god why is this place so big, I mean I always complained about the size but now – Ah! I saw out side a window my mothers' guards all feel to the ground at the same time and there was a man just grinning almost smiling at her. They were all down for the count and my mother was talking to man. How in gods name can you talk to a man so calmly after he killed your body guards? But then her face went whiter than pure chalk and she saw me at the window and then she said (well at least it looked like she said) 'I love you, now run' and I did. I got down to the upper floor of a ball room which joined into a parlor. I could hear my father shouting and giving orders and then I knew I was almost safe. With him I would be safe. "Harry help find your mother and sister! God damn it how is it now one can find the Queen or the princess!" he bellowed. Oh god he didn't know did he? Well he will soon enough- the Queen is dead. Harry? Harries home? When did he come back he was not meant to be home for another 3 weeks. This is great but at such horrible timing (I love harry- my brother, more than life it self and I missed him so much since he was gone for he's studies). I need to get down and get to them. I turned and ran, heading for the stair case but then a sudden pain struck me. What was I hit? I feel to the floor doubling over in pain as I did. I large man walked up to me and a woman trailed behind him. Harry was behind them. "H-h-harry help…" I stuttered as I didn't even finish my sentence. He just smiled " she should pass out any second, pick her out and leave through the tunnel, all is going as planned" he said with no remorse what so ever. Someone picked me up and started walking away. Everything was starting to darken and the last thing I see is Harry smiling and then turned and walked back towards the room my fathers in. Everything became black.