A Warning

This message is to any and all who will listen, what you are about to read will shock you. You most likely will not believe or won't want to, but it is of the highest importance that you heed my words, for if my fears are correct, this will be the last thing anyone hears of me. My name is of no use, only that I have stumbled into something too horrific for imagination.

It began innocently enough, with a simple want for peace of mind. Having grown increasingly aggravated with a barrage of bad house guests, high bills, appliance malfunctions and observation of the political system, I retreated into the woods behind my home, ready to get as far away as I could from man-kind and it's drek. I wandered through the trees, over inclines and logs. The deeper I went, the calmer I became. Hours passed and I had reached serenity. That's when I noticed certain...oddities regarding my surroundings. Things seemed so dull, like the world around me was faded. It was darker and what could only be described as a slight mist was rolling in. That's when I discovered it, my first clue...no...my first warning. An old shack near the wood's end by an old dirt road. It was demolished. Something had pulled at the edges of the square openings that served for windows, like something was prying it open. Half the roof was gone. Boards, nailed over the entrance. On them was a crude sign...tree bark. On it painted, in blood red, was a circle with an X crossing right through the center. I was disturbed. I turned back, steady and quick in my pace. I'm a sensible man, I don't get paranoid, I'm not superstitious, but...I felt...I knew I was being watched. I found my self back in my yard. I went inside, ordered dinner, watched Creature from the Black Lagoon, then went to bed. Had I only known...if I had known ahead of time, but I was ignorant to the truth that I write to warn you of now. Hell had followed me home.

The next few days were a bit more troublesome than what they were before. Starting the day after the first incident, the previously stated sensation clung. No matter where I went, I felt as though I were being followed. Even in the standards of interaction, such as an office meeting or a conversation with co-workers by the water cooler. That uneasiness stayed with me. As things progressed, it got worse. I remember going into a Taco Bell and while I gave my order, I glanced up at the menu. Something was off, some sort of shape in the reflection. I turned around, but nothing was there. These moments grew more frequent and more severe as time passed. It got to the point where I couldn't go to the bathroom without the feeling of it being right behind me.

I thought I was simply overstressed, but it was far worse. Then came a night of a dreadful storm. The rain was so heavy and loud that I couldn't sleep. I rolled in my bed trying to ignore, but I couldn't. I don't know what I was thinking, but I got the idea that watching the storm might calm me. I raised the blinds and gazed out the closed window to my neighbor's house across the street. I was...intrigued, right away, something was amiss. I saw something Then a flash of lightning brought clarity to it. At first I thought it was some sort of dead tree branch that had been blown up on their roof by the storm. Another flash of lightning. It had shifted position. I could see it better now. It looked like a man with six long arms that twisted like serpents in the air. I thought I was seeing things, but when the next flash came, it moved closer. The next flash, it was on the edge of their roof, one more flash and it was on the street. For a time there was only darkness, then the sky was lit ablaze once more. It sat crouched looking in my window.

I'll never forget it, that ghastly face...or lack there of. White as a sheet of paper and just as blank. There was something in looking into that featureless thing. Never before had I ever felt such an unholy terror and the most chilling part, it was dead-focussed on me. This creature, had to be at least 10 feet tall with limbs that seemed stretched and pulled out of joint. It, to my shock, wore clothes. A black suit jacket, white shirt underneath, and a bright red tie.

It pressed it's hands against the glass. I stayed as still as I could. We stared each other down for what seemed like hours. It was like we were both waiting for the other to make the first move. As calmly and as slowly as I could, I reached up and shut the blinds. Not so much as a sound passed that night. I just rested my head against the pillow and stared at the ceiling until sun-rise.

I felt...weaker, after that night. I had always suffered migraines, but these were so much sharper and lasted longer. I didn't sleep, for fear the being might come back. It didn't help. It was more than shadows and the hint of being followed. It got bolder, making appearances for brief moments, then vanishing. In the bathroom mirror, on the roof of the office building I worked at, in the background as the bus passed by. Every time, it just stood as stiff as a board, save for the waving tendrils coming from it's back. It became...familiar, the pain becoming something more of an annoyance.

We were at a meeting, when things grew worse. The boss was going over the basics, the profit, the investors, the company picnic, but all the while, I heard whispers. Ramblings of nonsense, words that didn't fit together, or words that weren't words at all. A few times I did understand and got angry at the soul-ripping insults. It was like highschool on speed. I snapped. An hour into the meeting and I snapped like a twig. I shouted, slammed my fists on the table with enough force to break it, tossed a chair out of the window of our twenty first floor conference room, snarling obscenities at my terrified co-workers. God bless them they had been worried about me. Everyone cared about eachother and when my problems started they were all concerned. I never told them, because...I was horrified of dragging them into it.

My rampage met it's peak when our boss, the very man who trusted me as head of the book-keeping staff, came to help me. He placed a hand on my shoulder. I'm sure he was telling me "It's alright! Calm down a sec and tell me what's wrong. I can help!" All I heard was some gargled ravings. I turned with a jolt. Instead of my friend...I saw that thing. I attacked him, put him in the hospital. I felt sick...the idea of losing my mind after so many years of searching for the calm I had. Boss didn't fire me, didn't press charges, he even gave me time-off with pay.

I shut myself off. No contact with anyone, no phone, no television, just reasearch. I went online and did what I could to find out what the hell was after me. The things I found...confirmed all of my fears. It appeared to me again. I read five articles and that night, as I turned a corner, there it was. The proximity of it, the closeness without the barrier of glass in-between. I was dead on my feet. We stared at each other as we did before. It drew closer, knelt so it was eye level with me, then surround me with it's great arms and it's dreadful tentacles.

This dark embrace was like nothing I had ever felt. It was a mix of warm comfort and blood chilling terror all at once. The danger of it, just waiting for me to move and wander into one of it's waiting limbs. Just a centimeter between our faces. It retracted it's limbs and stood upright once more. It kept it's gaze on me, as mine was on it, and it walked backward into a shadow on the wall, where it vanished.

That was three days ago. Since then, it has made regular appearances and each time proceeded to follow me at a four-foot distance. When I stopped to do anything, it just watched me. I believe, finally, it has decided to kill me. Tonight, when it appeared to me, it changed behaviour. It made me follow. It brought me to my computer and wrapped it's tendrils around my hands, forcing me to this site.

And that brings us to now. Take heed, for I know why it has brought me here. I believe this creature draws it's strength from it's notoriety. As my journey went on, it got stronger the more aware I was of it. So, for your own safety, let this warning be the last you hear of this creature. DO NOT go looking for it. DO NOT investigate it's actions. DO NOT spread knowledge of it's existence. And whatever you do, do not let it get to you. If you see even the slightest hint of this creature, FORGET.

Forget me...forget my story...and don't bother trying to help. I'm already dead.