It was dark. The room held no light and any light that tried to push itself into the room was expelled. Inside that dark room held four tubes, each could hold a full grown bear. Out of the four tubes present, only two of them were intact. The other two tubes were smashed to pieces, their glass laid upon the floor decorating it as a mosaic. Out of the two tubes that were intact, one held the body of an elderly man. The body fell apart and the chunks floated in the green liquid that surrounded him. The other tube held a young woman, around the age of twenty-four. Her midnight black hair floated around, but never left the bottom of her back. Her eyes, if not blocked by her eyelids, were a dark chestnut color.

All at once the room was flooded by bright red lights, coloring the walls as it spun. The silence was broken by the siren that yelled as if it were in pain, muting any other noise besides its own. A tube was opened and the liquid substance rushed out. It smacked against the floor, sweeping away most of the glass. Soon after, the body of the woman fell to the floor. Due to the crying of the siren and the sensation of falling she woke up. Her hands slapped the floor to prevent her head from taking any damage, however the slumber had caused her muscles to weaken and her head touched the ground at near maximum speed.

Her head throbbed in pain with no help from the siren. She placed a hand to her head and realized the fall had caused her to bleed. She pushed herself up with her wobbly arms, almost falling for a second time. She now sat in the middle of the floor, drenched in a green liquid, and naked. Her body temperature dropped to the match the cold of the room. Her heart began to pound against her chest; she could have sworn that it was louder than the siren. Her head flew from each side, trying to locate where she was, but nothing came to mind. She recognized these signs, it was fear, and that was what scared her the most.

She did not like the feeling and thought the best way would be to light the room, so she could see everything, not just what the spinning lights pointed at. She placed a foot behind her and managed to get on her knees. The lights and the siren died down soon after she managed to do so. She was left in the dark with her head still spinning from the fall, but now her ears rang from the lack of noise, adding to her confusion.

Her legs trembled beneath her weight as she pushed herself up. The highly unbalanced female took a step forward and tumbled onto the other tube. Her hands pressed against the glass, smearing it as she held herself up. She stood there for a minute until she was sure that she would be able to stand without falling down. After a quick breath she began to move forward clumsily. Her legs wobbled after each step, forcing her to place her hands out to balance herself. She didn't bother to cover herself because she knew no one could see her, and she needed her arms out to be her eyes, and to help with her balance.

"Ow," she said loudly as her face shriveled in pain. Her toe met head on with the steel leg of a table. She hated this place and knew that her only way out was through a door, or so she hoped. She now ignored the pain that came from her toe as she continued her hobble to find a door. It took her four minutes to find a door and her face light up with joy. With fierce confidence and large smile on her face she pushed the door open.

Her hands smacked her face, covering her nose for the horrid stench of decay. No matter how hard she tried to keep the smell out of her nostrils, it just kept crawling its way back in. It was no surprise that she bent over and threw up whatever was in her stomach. She had a hand placed against the wall to keep her from falling down.

She lifted her head to check out what was making the odor. Her eyes shrunk and her breath was once again cut short. Despite the pain she had from walking into light, she focused on the one thing that mattered, the decapitated body the laid in front of the door. She was unable to distinguish the gender of the body, but it did not seem like she would have to care.

She convulsed as she moved closer to the body. The idea that ran through her head was that something on this person could help her understand what was going on. Her hands were on the body searching for anything that might lead to an understanding. Her head faced the other direction, twisted in disgust. Her hands kept searching until she found a torn note. The only legible thing on the note was "save Sola".

She backed away from the body, her legs thrashed at the ground to do so. "My name," she said, with a hand to her head. "Is that my name?" She didn't think about her name when she woke up and this realization had left her dumbstruck. All she was focused on was leaving, now she had to try to remember who she was.

Sola jerked her head to the left as she heard the crashing sound of plates. The hallway was empty and the presence of light was nonexistent. Her head tilted up at the roof and realized that the only light shining came from directly above her. The crashing sound became louder and more frequent over the seconds it took her to look up. She panicked and ran opposite of the noise.

There was a person who killed people here and was still doing it. However she did not feel that it was a person, a churning in her gut made her believe that it was some kind of monster. Her thoughts clogged her mind as the darkness shrouded her vision. The siren, she thought, unwilling to speak. She did not want whatever was chasing her to follow her voice. It must have heard it. That's why it is coming this way.

Sola's legs moved at the same pace as when she began her run. She was thankful that she had not made it to a dead-end; if not her head would be in pain again. She stopped and clamped a hand to her chest and pressed her back against the wall. Her adrenaline had run out and her lungs burnt inside her. During her rest she looked around and she was surprised. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness; she was now able to see blobs of shadows. Even if it wasn't crystal clear she would be able to make her way round without fear of crashing into a wall.

She pushed herself to move and began to walk. Running had extinguished all of her energy reserves, and she did not want to feel helpless again. Her body trembled and her fingers began to turn into a light blue color. She hadn't realized it before but her body was not taking it too well to the cold of the place. She would have to find some clothes before her body froze and stopped working altogether. Her arms wrapped around her chest, trying to keep her center warm.

A noise broke through the silence of the halls. It was a loud echo that came from where she began her journey. "The other tube," Sola said, keeping her voice down. "It might be a good distraction." Her face was filled with determination as she began to pick up her pace again. If she was going to get out, she would hope that it would be without meeting anything weird.

Sola's progress continued at a decent rate. She would not say that she was going too fast, or too slow. It seemed like her past memories told her that she did not like extremities. The corners of her cheeks lifted slightly at the realization, but it quickly dropped as she heard some noises. The noise scrapped at the floor, but it lasted too long to be a small occurrence.

She approached the sound as slow as she could. Whatever was making the noise could be dangerous. Maybe it was another monster loose down in the hell that she knew nothing about. At last the noise was loud enough for her to locate where it was coming from. Afraid that whatever was making the noise would jump out at her, she poked her head around every corner. After the third corner she spotted what seemed to be a rat. No, not just one rat, ten of them, and it seemed like there was more. She was unable to tell how many because the darkness enshrouded the front of the group.

She threw her head around the corner and clenched her mouth shut. Her hands were pressed against the wall at a strength that almost broke them. She stopped breathing altogether, for another memory of her life sparked. She knew what those things were, and they were not rats, not anymore. Those disgusting creatures were some sort of mix between a rat and a bat. The creatures were blinded and had their noses and tails removed. It was just to add some bat ears so it could sonar.

She forced her head to move and peered out behind the corner to see if they were just waiting to attack her. She saw nothing and let out the air that was stuck in her lungs. The scampering noise had also stopped. She decided that it would be best if she went the direction opposite of the creatures. She would not be able to contain her voice if one of those things came near her.

She placed a foot out of from behind the corner and held it there just in case the little monsters tried to fool her. After a minute of nothing she came out from behind the corner and into the hallway. She walked into the middle and stared down where the creatures had come from. For some reason the floor was warm and a little wet. Her face instantly cringed at the possibility of what she had stepped in. She feared that she had just walked into a puddle of rat pee.

Sola moved to the right side of the hall, making sure that she would avoid the wet center. As she made her way down the hall, her nostrils twitched at the odor that was coming from the building. She knew this smell; it was roughly the same as when she left the room she was in. Blood. She stopped where she was and slowly moved her foot to the center. The liquid wasn't a puddle; it was as if something was dragged across the floor. She was right and retracted her foot. The vermin carried off a body. Was it another human? She wasn't sure, and did not want to go and find out.

Tears dwindled down her cheeks as thoughts of not being able to escape came into her mind. She saw more death than she thought she would possibly see in a lifetime. She went back to the right side of the hall and decided it was best not to think of the past. Her arm rubbed against the wall and her eyes were glued to the floor. She no longer felt any need to escape, her thought process was shut down and her movements slowed.

Her eyes slowly rose up after noticing a difference in visibility. She still was unable to see a lot, but there was light coming from somewhere. The light source wasn't nearby, but it was enough to put a roar in her head. Her brain began to go on overload. Her smile broke the barriers of her face. Light, to her in this dark place, only meant one thing, a way out, freedom. The visibility of the room began to increase after each step she took until she saw the source of the light.

"A game," Sola said in slight disbelief. Her fist balled up and shook as her grip became tighter. Her eyes pierced at what she believed to be a sick joke. "Is this a fucking game?" The florescent light hung by a thread overlooking a fire exit map. Her consciousness faded from her anger and when it came back her hand was broken in several places and bleeding. She fell to the ground and placed a hand on the throbbing cut on her head.

She was broken. Her thoughts of freedom were crushed before her by a sick twisted sign of sadism. The light there only represented despair and captivity. She looked back at the light, depressed and weary. She raised an eyebrow as she saw something that she had previously missed, it was a lab coat. A lab coat wouldn't create much warmth, but it was more than she had now and she would gladly take it.

Sola struggled to get off the ground, her legs disobeyed her as they listened to the negativity that she was emitting. She understood that she would not be able to walk over to the coat, she began to crawl. Her knees skidded against the ground; she did not bother to lift them. She did not like the idea of walking into light where anything can see her and she couldn't see them.

Despite her doubts and unwillingness, Sola went into the light. Her hands grasped the soft material of the coat. Without another second of hesitation she slipped into the coat. Her skin began to melt and a delightful sigh escaped from her lips. While she was there she decided it might be a good idea to check out the escape route. Her eyes light up at what she saw and placed a finger onto the map. It was there, a straight path to the exit. Nothing could have encouraged her to move on any more than that.

Her feet glided across the floor as she began to pick up speed. She ignored the possible traps that were most likely scattered along the path way. She only thought of one thing, and she hoped that her legs would be able to make her run faster than anything that could chase her. That thought disappeared when she tripped over an object in the middle of the pathway and twisted her ankle.

She cursed loudly at the piece of metal on the ground but picked it up anyways. She could now no longer hope of outrunning anything, and this thing that tripped her would now be used as a weapon. She found it only fair, since it ruined her previous plan. She placed the metal object in the small left pocket of the coat and carried on her way.

She began to hear footsteps. The noise confused her and believed that her feet were beginning to echo throughout the building. The rhythm, however, was off. She stopped to make sure that her ears were worked properly. The noise was still there. Another human was down here, alive and seemed to be healthy, but she couldn't tell much from footsteps.

Her heart began to race and her palms had gotten sweaty. She thought it would be a good idea to wait for the other person, since the noise was coming from behind her. The footsteps came closer and closer, and Sola's thoughts began to change after each echoed step. She began to think that it was this person who had set her in this place. Her hands went down to the pocket and tightened a grip around the metal object, just in case.

The seconds began to elongate and the small sound of the feet on the floor began to boom. Sweat formed and dripped from Sola's forehead at a constant rate. Whether she should attack this person or try to talk to the person was another fight inside her head. The person could be innocent, or he (or she) could be very dangerous.

In the hall stood a blob that stood out of the rest of the shadows. It was tall and had a humanistic shape. Sola was unable to determine who the person was or whether it was friendly. She pulled out her weapon and readied it for an attack, but the attack never came.

"Hello?" said the shadow. Its voice was hoarse, it seemed like the vocals chords of the person had been damaged or they have not been used in a long time. It moved its hand and pulled out an object and pointed it at the figures face. A white light erupted from the object revealing a man's face.

"I'm human. There is no nee-" the man was cut off from what appeared to be a sickle like tentacle. It was wrapped around the man's neck, and like a hot knife through butter, cut off the head. The body slumped to the floor, embracing its new home.

Sola screeched and raised her weapon. With a loud bang that echoed throughout the entire complex, a bullet twirled out of the barrel, but missed its target. The tentacle monster dropped from the ceiling. Thanks to the dropped flashlight, it was able to shine some light on this monster. It was a leech, the size of a fifth grader. It had three tentacles that protruded from its back, each with a sickle shape, each thirsting for blood.

The monster was slow on the ground and began to crawl towards Sola. Its tentacles lashed around, except for the one that had cut off the head. That tentacle grabbed the bloody heap of flesh off the ground and pulled it inside of the monsters body.

Sola's breath became as unsteady as her hands. The visual of this creature was revolting; truly a mistake created by scientists whom tried to be a god, then came the smell. She remembered what the dead body outside of the room smelled like, but this creature was roughly ten times worse. She assumed it came from the eating of bodies and its own body kept the stench alive. And her final complaint about the creature was its sound. Slippery, wet, and sucking noises were all the noises she seemed to have a problem with. It was as if someone had created this creature just to annoy her.

By the time she had been able to remove the noises from her mind and focus back on the creature itself, it was almost in range to strike her down with one of its tentacles. Several loud bangs came off of the gun and holes popped into the creature. She had fired five rounds into the body of the creature; each had hit its mark. The creature, however, seemed to be uninjured. It kept moving at its slow speed, but its tentacles now began to thrash all around, striking the wall and anything else that might have had been nearby.

Sola reclined backwards as she saw the creature continue its destructive path. She pulled the trigger once more, but the only noise it made was a small click. She cursed the gun and threw it at the creature, to little effect. She was however sure that the bullets had caused it to be injured and all she had to do was out last it.

She decide to stick with her plan, even though the result did not come as fast as she expected. Twenty minutes, she walked backwards just to see if the creature would die. At last it began to slow down. Its fury had ceased and it then stopped altogether. Tired of its prey the leech used its tentacles and jumped to grab the roof. It slithered away to search for a more easy prey to capture.

Sola cheered at her victory. Her hair bounced up and down in rhythm to her own. She was victorious. Even though the monster was not killed, she lived. She now believed that her path was clear, she had beaten her last obstacle. She laughed towards the end; she intended to mock the person who pulled the strings the entire time. She ignored the jolting pain that came from her ankle as she ran.

By the time she had made her way to the exit, her lungs were on fire and her legs wobbled like the jelly they were. She couldn't see the door, but she could make out a staircase. She was almost free, and with what happened to her, she would spend every minute enjoying it. She took a step forward to the staircase and felt a warm breeze blow onto her neck.

She jumped forward and turned around to see what was there. The shadows still blurred everything, but from what she could tell, the shadow was well around seven feet tall. She lifted her arms to protect herself, but the shadow did nothing. It just stood there, waiting for something.

The lights of the entire building came on, blinding everything in a white light and revealed what was a bear, with four arms. Before Sola could say anything, the bear spoke.

"Hello there," it said in a high pitched voice that could have been used in a child's cartoon.

Sola would have laughed at the bear, if it was not trying to kill her. She figured that it must have been this thing that had made the noises she heard before, and the gun shots had brought it right to her. She did not want to die just terrified, so she did something she thought she'd never do. She ran up to the creature and punched it as hard as she could into the gut of the monster.

Red liquid sprayed off the fur of the monster. Sola backed away as the blood trickled down her hand. Its fur felt like small metal knives, but the blow did do damage to the monster, just not as much as it did to her.

"Dear mother is this really any way to treat your child?" the monster asked. "This is the first time we have seen each other since the incident."

Sola was dumbfounded. Did she create this creature? Was she one of the messed up scientists who created all of these abominations? She did not let herself accept these questions as facts. The monster had toyed with her feelings and her memory. A tear escaped her eye as she held back any feelings that this creature had pushed on her.

Her heart beat like a drum and her body temperature rose. Her hands were back in the air and her face stayed motionless as she stared into the monster's own eyes with determination. With quick feet work she dodged the monsters first charge.

The monster crashed into the wall as it missed its target and the stairs began to rattle. Sola looked up at the stairs. They were a spiral of old rusted metal and were close to collapsing. She looked back at the monster and had to drop her weight to avoid the claws of the beast. Its fur and extra arms managed to give her many severe cuts along her body. It almost ripped the coat to shreds.

Sola pulled herself across the floor and stood up as fast as she could. Unfortunately she dove back to the ground to avoid another attack by the monster. She was unable to touch this creature, but it could easily rip her to shreds without a second thought. She was in a tight position and need to find a way to get out of it. She jumped out of the way of another attack, but this time the monster grabbed her leg.

The monster laughed and threw her across the room. She smacked into the stairway and it rattled, pieces fell to the ground. It was not done with her yet. It was going to play with her until it was fulfilled. It crouched on all six of its legs and charged at incredible speed for its size for her.

Sola saw that she was cornered and no way out of her predicament. She swallowed her fear she charged at the beast. Before they collided Sola passed out and dropped to the floor, smacking her already damaged head again. The blow she had received from the staircase was too great for her to withstand.

She awoke seconds later. Her mind was struggling to find a source of information that was not damaged by the fall and caused a migraine. The lights in the building began to disappear one by one the darkness enveloped the building. She managed to get a quick glimpse at the staircase only to find it was destroyed. Everything had crumbled down by the rush attack of the monster. She did not see it and assumed that it was stuck under all of the debris.

Sola did not want to waste her time thinking about what happened. The light was almost gone and she wanted to get out before then. She stepped onto the debris and decided she would just have to climb the wall. She placed her hand on the smooth wall and let out a distasteful breath of air.

Her eyes glimpsed over to a small piece of metal sticking out of the wall. It was what held the stirs up. There weren't many of them, but she had to try. She placed her foot on the rusted metal and pushed herself off. The result led to a deep gash in her foot and a face full of metal. She did not let that stop her and she was determined to do it again, until she succeeded.

As she began to try again, she heard a slippery wet noise. The creature she had fought earlier was coming back for her and she now had no way to get out. She forced herself back on the metal and pushed forward again. This time she managed to grab on the small piece of metal the stood out. Her foot was heavily bleeding and she had just cut her hands as she grabbed onto the new metal.

Tears rolled down her face as her muscles contracted. She was unable to pull herself up and the noise became louder every second. There was no way she would give up now, she was so close, but her body began to shut down. She yelled and hoped it would be an encouragement boost to help her up. And she was right. She pulled herself up onto to the metal. She had to keep her balance sine it was small and if she fell now there was a good chance she would not have another try.

She was one metal piece away from finally being able to leave. She didn't take her time to stabilize herself as her joy overwhelmed her senses. She jumped for the last piece, hoping it would be the end of her pain, and the lights died out.

Sola couldn't feel anything. Her body was numb and with the new darkness, she was blind. She feared the worse. She feared that she had fallen down and her body was dying. It would have explained why she felt nothing. She closed her eyes and accepted her fate.

A small liquid dropped onto her face which had made her reopen her eyes. The dark had caused everything to be fuzzy, but she could see her arm extended. Soon the feeling began to swarm its way back into her body. Every ache and pain she had received began to burn its way in her body. The sucking noise had gotten much louder and she had estimated that it was only a few feet away, ready to strike her down for injuring it.

Her arms were the only part of her body that had not yet received back the pain it had earned. She pulled herself up, digging the metal deep into her hand. Her other hand extend out to reach the floor. With a weak grasp, she let go of the metal and hung for her life. She did not waste any time to place her other hand to help keep balance. Her muscles burned with each centimeter she gained. When she could, she threw her leg over the edge and used it to pull herself up.

She lay on the ground, desperately grasping for air. Her body felt like a boulder, unable to move a muscle. Climbing the wall had left an impact on her body; one she feared would be permanent. Her cheers were nothing more than small puffs of air that sounded like a poor attempt at a whistle. The sucking noises, however, were still there and left Sola were no time to relax.

She rolled over onto her stomach and used her knees to help get herself up. Her muscles responded well enough for her to walk, though it was more of a stumble, across the floor. She opened the door and closed it behind her. She was a little disappointed when she saw she was in another hallway, but it vanished once she saw an open door with light beaming through.

She did not want her wounds to become infected, so she tore pieces of the coat and wrapped them around both of her feet; she winced as she did it. She also used it for her hands; she used her mouth to help with those. She was naked again, but if someone saw her like she was now, she was certain they would help her.

She made her way to the door and smiled into the light. That smile disappeared from the sound of little paws scurrying. The rats were coming by, fast. She had no time to get out of the way. The strange part was when she looked down. There was a dead body that held the door open with its foot. What made her question it the most was that the rats avoided the body.

One unlucky rat touched the shoe of the dead man and began to panic. She saw it stand still and look around at its fellow rats. Those rats now avoided the contaminated one, and it ran away from the rest as quick as possible. Seconds later a small pop occurred down the hall and Sola was rained on by the blood.

She was now careful to avoid the body. She did not want to explode like the rat. Her hands extended past the body and pulled the door open. She placed a foot over the body, and was about to bring the other one when she saw the name tag, Burenz. Sharp memories trickled down into her mind. Her head flung from side to side, her hands kept down the pressure. It felt like her brain was being repeatedly stabbed.

She looked back down at the man, panting loudly. Her face fell silent and her eyes filled with tears. Some of her memories came back, and the one of this man hurt the most. Her fiancé, Robert Burenz, killed by a shot to the head and injected with something that causes things to explode.

"Sleep well, my love," Sola said her lip quivering as she held her voice from cracking. She ignored the other memories that came into her head, like her real name and her profession. She passed her dead lover and continued down the path. She had found the location of the building to have been clichéd. It was located in the middle of the forest, but thankfully there was a path.

She saw lights coming from the city and began to blush at the thought of people seeing her naked. It was embarrassing and did not want that to happen, but she had no choice. As she came closer to the city, she realized that it was not lights, but fire. The creatures had escaped and made their way into the town. She did not know how far these creatures had gotten and what they have caused.

The town was burning, but there were no signs of the creatures. Sola made her way into the town. She looked around for anything that was not burnt. She almost screamed for joy when she saw the clothing store. Even though it was on fire, she could probably still get some clothes out of it.

After her raid on the store and finding some hallway decent clothing to cover herself in, Sola began to walk out of the town. She had to make sure these monsters were hurting anyone else. Armed with her guts and knowledge of these creatures, she decided that it was up to her to stop them.

Back at the lab door the dead body rose off of the ground. Robert was still alive. He walked back into the laboratory and closed the door after him. He looked around and pulled out a remote from his pocket. He pressed a button and the lights came back on.

"Ah, Beatrice, you are a delightful fool," He said smoothly. "It was so easy to manipulate you, and now, I manipulate the world thanks to your genius."

He placed his hand against the wall and let out a hideous laugh that could have frightened the coldest of stones. The place began to explode from the inside, room after room; an explosion shattered any living object and burnt anything to extinction.

"Let's see how our partners in New York our doing," he said as he left the building to implode in on itself.