The Animal God and His Appearance:

One day the Animal God Keyni was busy doodling in the dirt with a twig underneath a willow tree. He was just sitting there, minding his own business, when a human teenage with handsome features stalked up to him and started belittling him.

"You're an ugly thing, aren't you?" The boy sneered.

Keyni blinked up at him, taken back by he harsh comment. "H-Huh...?

"I mean just look at you. What child has animal ears and a tail?" With that question the boy roughly pulled on one of the Animal God's ears, swiveled around and stomped on his tail.

The God, who was very young, immediately cried out at the sharp pain in his ear and his poor fluffy tail. Breaking down in tears and curling up into himself he sobbed miserably. "Stop it...! Leave me alone!"

His words were all jumbled up and slurred. He knew he couldn't talk well. The boy just grinned and insulted him more, enjoying the child's reaction. He kicked dirt at him and ruined his drawing. After a few slow moments Keyni couldn't take it anymore and run away as fast as his little legs could carry him.

He ran and ran until he couldn't run anymore and out of breath and heartbroken he laid on the ground weeping horribly. After a few minutes Keyni realized that he wasn't crying because his tail and ear hurt. He was crying because the boy had hurt his feeling and self-esteem.

He got up and crawled over to a small puddle. He looked into and gazed at his reflection. He wasn't ugly, was he? Keyni had never cared much for his appearance since he had never thought that he was ugly. But if the boy had pointed out his physical flaws then it must be true.

Upon this idea he cried even more, hating his existence. His wailing attracted the attention of his aunt, the Earth Goddess Casca. She strolled up to him, and in a concerned voice asked him what was wrong.

Keyni looked up at her with said pale green eyes. He hadn't even realized that he had run to his aunt's desert land. The godling stutterngly told her that the he was ugly.

"You are ugly?" The Goddess replied. "Why do you think that, child?"

"B-Because someone t-told me I-I was...!" He slurred.

"Someone told you that you were?" She echoed. "Tell me, was this person good-looking or not?"

"V-V-Very...!" The Animal God sniffled. "V-Very g-good looking!"

Casca frowned and then suddenly had an idea. Reaching down and gently pulling up the child she told him, "Come along, child. I have something to show you."

She led him to her hut and inside she took out two medium rocks. "Okay, let's pretend these two rocks are you and the boy."

"This one," She pointed to the shiny, sparkly blue one. "Is the boy, and this one," she pointed to the shabby, dusty dull one, "Is you,"

The little god sobbed more. So his aunt did think he was ugly!

"Hush, child!" She ordered firmly as she picked up a pick and a hammer. "Watch."

She placed the pick on the shabby stone and hit it with the hammer a few times until it cracked. She broke it open and the stone was filled beautiful glittering blue and white crystals. Keyni stared mystified, unable to say anything.

The Goddess then did the same thing to the other rock and when it broke open it was dusty, gray, and very unappealing.

"You see, Keyni," Casca began. "A person might look good on the outside but they are secretly ugly on the inside. And a person who is ugly on the outside is actually beautiful on the inside."

That last bit made Keyni's happy mood spoil, but Casca caught this.

"And," She continued as she grabbed a wet rag. "A person who seems ugly on the outside may actually be beautiful on the outside after all." She washed the rock and it revealed that the stone was actually a smooth soft blue color on its shell.

The child stood there mouth a gap in awe and he looked up at his aunt whom smiled and crouched down and wiped away his tears. He sniffed and gave his aunt a hug. He felt so relieved and yet he cried at the same time.

Rubbing the back of teh child's head, Casca whisper softly. "Hush, child. That boy will learn soon that making fun of others will get him no where. And don't worry, soon you'll be able to take on bullies like him all on your own. But you're too sweet for that, aren't you Keyni?"

Keyni nodded.

A/N: Well I don't know what to call this, but let's just say it's about to get way more messed up.