I can feel it,
The darkness closing in around me
Wrapping its cold slimy fingers
Around my wrist,
Pulling me towards that place I didn't know existed.

Those whispers in my head
That tell me all of your deepest intentions,
(They speak the truth)
And you don't even realize that I listen.

All of you,
Composed of little units of life-
You don't see me
The way that I see you every day.
You breathe the way I breathe,
You smile the way I smile,
You sing the way I sing,
And yet I am not you.

Do you see the darkness?
It's black, foreboding, impossibly fast
And undeniably strong.

My eyes, they are consumed;
My lips, they breathe in the smoke;
My heart is stained with the ashes of the lost
And yet I am supposed to be pure.

If essence is greater than existence
Then why is there a you and a me
Instead of an us and a we?
Why are we separate beings in this puzzle?

It's the darkness;
It's the voices whispering like flies in my ear.
The voices are yours, don't deny it.
So clear they speak to me, all at once.
And yet I am supposed to be pure.

But you know that existence surpasses essence.
You know that denial comes with humanity.
This is me and that is you;
Never an us to settle the ground between lives.
I can feel it-
It's stronger than darkness,
Greater than humanity-
It is those unspoken emotions rising
Through the hearts of the innocent,
Evening the ground and causing you to feel