I hope you all enjoy this poem, thank you for reading :)


"I miss you."

The silence is choking.

Words dancing on the edges of my lips

—Where you still linger—

Held back by the sheer distance

Between our hearts;

Yours heavy, hidden.

Mine hardened.

"Do you miss me?"

The bubbles don't pop.

Shimmering globes rising ever so softly,

More eloquent than the tongue.

My throat aching with the hot desire

To speak the words they carry.

Yours free,

Mine forbidden.

"Are you okay?"

The question would break you.

Stinging the wound just beginning to heal,

Picking at the blood red scabs.

I know the answer anyway,

I know your emotions

Because mine

Are the same.

I can't miss you.

Pulses encased in steel.

Attempting to trap the humanity and simply

Create something hollow.

I want to be hollow.

No, I'm not okay.

Impulses crawling beneath skin.

Lips quivering with desire.

Fingers itching, heat rising.

A fever but no sweat.

"I miss you."

"Are you okay?"

I can't miss you.

I will never be okay.