I am in a Creative Writing Club at my school, called Writer's Block, and our prompt was a picture of a 'golden girl' by Ian Crawford... it was interesting and I had a moment of OMG this could be a story... and here we are! Enjoy!

"…and that's what happened at camp this summer!" Jazmine finished.

"What?" yelled Lucy in disbelief. "You can't be serious! You expect me to believe that your skin turned gold because you fell into a vat of fairy dust after the fairy prince decided your hair wasn't blond enough?"


"What drugs are you on?"

"Nothing, it's the truth! I swear! It happened right before I left band camp and everyone thought it was a prank gone wrong or something. It was soooo embarrassing! Why would I lie to you about something like that, Lucy?"

"Jazmine that is one of the most unbelievable stories I have ever heard! It's not exactly something that easy to believe you know?"

Sigh. "I know… it's just that I know what I saw and what I experienced. I almost drowned in that vat Lucy! I was scared that I was going to die until the prince pulled me out. I mean, before this summer I didn't even believe in fairies, then all of a sudden their just there!"

"Alright, why don't you tell me what happened again, slowly this time, and I'll see if there are any clues to what kind of fairies these were so we can find out if this dust will have any lasting effects on you, okay? I know how hard this must be for you, I mean, remember that one time when I dyed my skin blue by taking a bath in dye for Halloween? I took me weeks to get back to normal! Maybe we'll be able to get your skin white again before school starts back up."

"But we only have three weeks! We'll never get me back to normal in time!"

"Oh, don't be such a downer! You'll be fine in no time!"

"Easy for you to say, your skin isn't gold and glowing in the dark."

"You skin glows in the dark? That is so cool!"


"Okay, okay, I got it. Just tell me the story again already."

"Alright, well… My mom sent me to band camp earlier this summer so I could get better at playing the flute. I just started in the spring and there was supposed to be an instructor at the camp that would help me learn how to play. Anyway, I left Saturday after we got out of school and sat in the bus all night trying to get my mom to stop texting me so I could get an hour or two of sleep. It was normal enough until we got into the mountains. The bus suddenly stopped working and the driver told us to just stay where we were. The band director, Mr. C, left with him and they looked around the bus. After like two hours of waiting, Mr. C. finally came back on and told us that we would rest for the rest of the night on the bus and in the morning we would set out on foot for the camp since it was only a few miles away."

"Wait, they actually made you walk! "

"Yes, Lucy, now will you be quiet so I can finish telling you what happened?"


"Where was I…? Oh yeah! Anyway, we stayed the night on the bus ended up walking the rest of the way to camp. It was only three miles, so it wasn't that bad, but on the way there I saw a bunch of flowers and grassy hills. They were everywhere, Lucy! I've never seen grass and butterflies and little hills that looked like that before! It was like a picture from a fairytale novel or something. I really didn't pay attention to where we were going cause of the scenery, but when we got to camp I was pretty happy to be able to sit down. The camp director met us at the camp entrance and said he had heard about our breakdown. He said that it was happening to a lot of buses and that they thought it had something to do with the moisture in the air or something."

Snort. "Moisture, sure…"

"Be quiet Lucy, I am trying to tell you what happened!"

"Fine! Jeez Jazmine, you're really moody."

Jazmine rolled her eyes. "I am continuing…"


"Well, after the camp director met us at the gate, we were released into the camp with mini maps. The director told us that we had free time until lunch and then again until dinner, so we could get acquainted with the camp grounds. Jackie and I went to our cabin and stuck our stuff on the top two bunks. Karen and Kristy ended up sharing and getting the bottom bunks. We all left in a group to go look around, but everyone wanted to go somewhere different, so we split up. I went into the woods along the camp. The map said there was a really big 'fun ground' that was supposed to have a rock climbing wall and some other stuff. I figured I still had three hours until lunch, so I'd have plenty of time, but I ended up wandering around and not finding it, so I headed back and ate with the others. After lunch, I went back into the woods. That's when it happened. I stepped on one of those little hill mound things in the forest and passed out. When I woke up, there was this gut standing over me. I was about to start freaking out, when I saw his wings… They were amazing! I wish I could show you Lucy!"

Suddenly an image appeared against the white wall beside Jazmine's TV.

"Lucy! Those are the wings! OMG, I can't believe it! I'm magic!"

"Jazmine! You just made a wish, AND it CAME TRUE! OMG! That's amazing! Do you think it has anything to do with the fairy dust? What happens next? Was the fairy you saw the prince?"

"What are you talking about?"

"The story, Jazmine, the story!"

"Oh! Yeah, sorry, I was distracted. Yeah, the guy was the prince. He just looked at me for a long time. After I finished staring at his wings, he just kind of sat there and looked at me. After a while he told me my hair wasn't the right color. He said it should be more of a light blond color and then he asked me where my wings were. I didn't even get to answer him before he grabbed me, pulled me over his shoulder, and started flying. I freaked out at that point, cause, you know, there was only a freaking fairy flying away with me to who knows where! But, anyway, after my mini-panic attack, I figured out I couldn't move, which made me panic even more and then we were suddenly over this giant cauldron with golden stuff in it and I before I knew it, I was falling. It was terrifying Lucy, I thought I was gonna die!"

"Oh, Jasmine," Lucy said before giving her a hug, "it's alright. Can you tell me what happened then?"

"Yeah… I tried to swim to the surface, but it felt like my feet were stuck to the bottom. Right when I thought I was gonna pass out, the guy pulled me out and put me on the ground. I sat there gasping for air, while he looked at me again, and then I asked him what his problem was. He just looked at me confused, told me that he was the prince of the fairies and asked if I had heard of him. Of course, I told him I didn't know who the hell he was, but that I just wanted to go home and then he was patting me on the, the head and saying 'there, there' and – "

"Jazmine! Breathe! You have to calm down or you're going to hyperventilate! "

Jazmine took some deep breaths, before letting them out slowly until she was clam again.

"Thanks Lucy. I'm still kind of upset about the whole thing."

"Don't worry about it, just finish the story and we'll see if we can fix this."

Jazmine smiled, before continuing.

"Well, after he said that it was going to be alright, I passed out again. When I woke up, I was back in the woods and I thought I just hadn't drunk enough water at lunch, so I passed out, but when I got back to the cabin, everyone was packing up their stuff. Kristy just started laughing when I walked in and I asked her what was so funny. She asked me why me skin was gold. I freaked and looked at myself in the bathroom and, well you know what I saw, I look the same as I do now, just with different clothes. When I went back into the main room and Mr. C was there. He got everyone together after seeing me and finding out that I had been crying in the bathroom. He told us that this trip was supposed to be fun and that it was sad that we would have to leave on such a bad note and that whoever had pranked me better fess up. Well, nobody fessed up and Mr. C just told everybody that he was disappointed. Then he told us all to go finish packing and that he would meet us on the bus when we were finished. I was confused and asked him why we were packing up when we just got there. Mr. C just laughed at me and told me he was glad I had enjoyed camp so much I hadn't even notice the time fly by. When I went back to the cabin and got my stuff, I checked the date on my phone, and found out that it had been a month and that it was already time for us to leave camp! I didn't even get to experience the camp, Lucy, and everybody kept telling me that I had been great during the camp games and recitals! I just kept my mouth shut and went to sleep. When I woke up, we were home already and when my mom saw me, she took me home and made me take a shower. Then, one week later, the stuff still hasn't come off, so she let me invite you over, and here we are."

"Wow. That must suck. You missed the whole camp cause of a stupid fairy mound? Harsh."

"A fairy mound?"

"Yeah, it was probably what you steeped on, but I've never heard of any fairies that keep their dust in giant vat before. Maybe there will be some stories on the internet that will tell us what to do."

Jazmine started laughing.

"What?" Lucy demanded.

Jazmine smiled strangely and looked Lucy in the eye. Lucy began to feel strange, and suddenly she couldn't move.

"Don't worry Lucy, Jazmine's told us all about you. Don't you want to join your friend and play? We'll give you wings too, and then we can all be happy together!"

Jazmine had morphed in front of Lucy's eyes as she said this, and become the most beautiful brunette she had ever seen. Lucy's eyes widened as the fairy's hand went toward her forehead, and tried to move back.

"Don't worry Lucy," the fairy said, "We'll take care of you…"

Lucy blacked out as the fairy's hand touched her.

"Hahaha, stupid human," the fairy said, morphing again, but this time into the prince whose wings matched those still on the wall, "you will make a wonderful wedding meal for my bride," he continued, smiling at the thought of his new bride Jazmine. He would keep her, he decided only until she had borne an heir…

do you think this was too thick? I felt a bit dramatic towards the end...