Nothings Gonna Stop Us – Ever

Nothings gonna stop us – Ever,

On the road to our true love

Coming, calling, its disaster

Nothings gonna stop us now


People coming, oh so quickly,

Screaming marriage, children, contracts,

Money, greed, and force rules all,

Hah to you for you will fall


We escaped it,

When we met them

Now we are with our true love

Loving caring, children, magic,

It's all there for us to see

We are happy – oh, so happy

Running wild, no concerns


People coming, yelling screaming,

They've caught up, but we prevail

We are married, happy, settled,

They can scream and run and die


Nothings gonna stop us – ever

For we are with our true loves

Who support us, love us, keep us,

Safe and far from family lies


Nothings gonna stop us – ever

We are taken

We can't fail.