A Trickster sat under a Tree –

A Trickster sat under a Tree –

and the Branches spoke – flouting His strive –

for all the world to envision –

upon His false Teachings of Its Life!


The Shrub began to Whither –

for the Man had changed the – Tale –

and the listeners did dither

about the real righteous Trail –


The Path had once been set –

until the Man said different –

what will Nature now meet

upon the Traveler's notice –


Corrupt can become Sweetness

when Teachings are told true –

as Parties outside reaching –

are Shown the sky is blue!


Whence the Man sat over

within the leafy shadow –

and once again did cover

the Life of this Tree's Teachings–


He set out to right his Story –

for the Tree had cried – Deceiver –

and set those dithering on Track –

to go straight once a Besieger!


Those changed by moving onward –

upon the Path to Rapture

did see the Tree as Blooming – and knew –

His Word did right the Trickster –


For when the Trickster fouls –

the words of Ecstasy's mouth –

Divinity speaks within Him –

and uses a truthful dowse!