A/N: Right, hello :D So this is my first ever story I'm actually showing somewhere, and I hope I'm going to finish it :D It's title (for now at least) is "The Dream's Gate" and it's about Angels and Demons having a war, which the Earth gets involved into ;p

First, a small explanation to show who's who at the start:


Azazel - Head commander of the Demon army, the only one who can speak to the Mistress.

Arianin - Azazel's right hand, tallest demon in the Abyss, commander of 10 legions of Imps.

Haures - Has a human form with blazing red eyes. Commander of Ghosts in the Abyss, commands about 30 legions of ghosts.

Berith - "Prince of the Abyss", commander of 30 legions of demons. Can change any metal into gold. Red skinned with a red army uniform and a golden crown on his head, he rides on a fire-red horse.


Raziel - Female Angel, the Keeper of Secrets (God's secret) - Reddish-white wings

Ramiel - Male Angel, brother of Raziel, Angel of Thunder (God's Thunder) - Snow-white wings - Can command thunder.

Israfel - Male Angel, Angel of music (God's Melody) - Yellow-white wings - Can break someone's ear drums with his voice.

Matariel - Male Angel, Angel of rain (God's Rain) - Turquoise wings - Can summon rain and command water.

Iruel - Male Angel, Angel of fear (Fear of God) - Charcoal-black wings - He can teleport.

Silvier - Female Half-Angel, Half-Demon, spies on Demons for the Angels - Red-Black-White Wings - Can make herself invisible.


"Mistress, is it time yet?" An small voice piped up from behind the tall, dark figure overlooking the city.
"No, Azazel, not yet, they aren't ready yet." A female voice replied.
"When shall they be ready, Mistress? The Demons grow restless." Azazel inquired.
The tall female appeared to be smirking slightly.
"Do not worry, my dear Azazel, you shall get your war soon enough."
The ember Demon bowed down his black-horned head and disappeared, leaving the Mistress alone once again.

Arianin knew that Azazel was furious, without really bothering to look up from the ornament in his hand that he was studying. The raging growl could be heard in the whole corridor! Smaller demons quickly ran past, careful not to be victims of the wrath of Azazel, the Demon Commander. Arianin chuckled slightly, there were only a few Demons that weren't afraid of Azazel, thankfully, he was one of them.
"What did the Mistress say?" He asked, receiving an angry growl in reply. Azazel's red skin became even darker, if that was possible. Azazel pointed at him with his finger:
"Get Haures and Berith, I need to know if the Legions are ready!"
Arianin simply turned around and disappeared to search for the fellow Demons. Azazel sighed tiredly, he will get his revange.

"Sister, Silvier has returned from the Abyss, she brings bad news, I'm afraid."
Raziel turned around to see her brother Ramiel, standing in the entrance to her chamber. She sighed, the day wasn't getting any better for her. Ramiel shifted from foot to foot, his snow-white wings shining in the golden sunlight, making the Angel of Thunder appear even more handsome than he usually was. Since Uriel left everything in the Guardian Station under his sister's command he felt... nervous around her. Sure, she was the Keeper of Secrets, one of the most respected Angels up here... but not only that, she has grown up, she wasn't Ramiel's little sister anymore, no wonder Uriel chose her to keep an eye on things instead of the other Angels. She shook her head, making her long, blonde hair sway lightly, dragging Ramiel out of his thoughts, she said:
"Tell Silvier I'll meet her in the main circle, I will be there soon."
With a curt nod, Ramiel spread out his wings and flapped them slightly, before taking off to meet the half-demon, Angel spy. With the Guardian Angels away to protect their assigned earthlings, the younger angels training their minds and Israfel along with Matariel away, searching for Iruel, who as far as she knew could be in the Abyss right now, Raziel could finally enjoy some peace and quiet, which even up here was rare... but of course it wouldn't have lasted long, not with the Fallen Angels plotting some kind of revange... She spread out her brilliant reddish-white wings and prepared herself to meet with Silvier...

A/N: That's just the prologue, I've done the first chapter and I'm finishing the second one, I hope that my internet will allow me to upload it soon :D