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Main characters appearing in this story:

Erkanna Gamble - Main character in the story, a 17-year old secret Agent that can use magic.

Hunter Strike - a 17-year-old secret agent that also can use magic (Erkanna's partner-in-crime ;p )

James 'Jem' Epsilon - The boss of the ARCAI secret agency ;p 35-years-old

Clinton "Clint" Hutchcraft - Appears later on, an unofficial ARCAI agent ;]

Erkanna ran through the forest, leaves sticking out of her short, brown hair, and her grey eyes darting around, looking for a hiding spot. She came to a halt and scanned through her surroundings: Tree, tree, tree, vines, more vines and a bush. She shrugged inwardly, the bush would have to do now. She made a run for the raspberry bush, realising this a second too late... She jumped back out, having multiple thorns poking into her skin, and she frantically searched for another hideout. Everything in the forest was green. EVERYTHING. And she was dressed in black and purple. Wonderful. Wait, who's idea was this? Oh yeah, it was Hunter's. Speaking of the idiot, where was he? She tapped her comm device in her ear, having heard no sound from her friend for a while. Right, what was she meant to do? She reminded herself of Jem's words:
"Run like hell, then find cover! If you can't find any cover, run faster!"
She wasn't going to hide in the thorny bushes, Hell no! So the only other option was to run. That's exactly what Erkanna did.

After running (again) for a few minutes, she bumped into something, or someone, in this case. Before her, stood no-one other than the high and mighty, Agent Hunter Strike, Erkanna's partner in crime for three years.
"Era!" He exclaimed, having noticed the girl. "Did it work, did it work?" he asked enthusiastically, earning a glare from Erkanna.
"I dunno, how much time's passed since I told you that I planted the bomb?"
Hunter chuckled uneasily.
"Yeah, about that... was I meant to be counting the time?" he smiled sheepishly.
Erkanna face-palmed.
"Remind me again, why did Jem think it would be a good idea for us to work together?"
Hunter opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by a rather big "BOOM!" on the other side of the forest.
They stood there and watched as the birds that flew away from the explosion went flying above their heads.
Hunter grinned like a maniac, he loved any kind of explosions, and the guy could construct a bomb from anything!
"So... it worked! Let's get back." Erkanna turned around, heading for the ARCAI base, Hunter quickly following.

"Hey!" A voice greeted the two agents as they entered the base. A brown-haired man, somewhere in his thirty's approached them with a grin. He was wearing the standard ARCAI uniform, which consisted of a navy, bulletproof vest, a simple dark t-shirt underneath, dark jeans and trainers. He could've been any other guy from ARCAI, but an aura of authority and respect suggested otherwise.
"Judging by the state of you two, we can consider the mission done, then?" he continued grinning at them.
Erkanna glared at both of them, making Hunter hide behind the older man.
"Jem, were you freaking drunk when you were assigning people for missions! That idiot behind you nearly got us both killed!" she fumed.
Hunter put his hands up defensively,
"Hey, no-one told me there were ten wires instead of four... and technically, I didn't get us all killed yet, so there's nothing to worry about!" he finished, beaming at Erkanna with a goofy grin plastered on his face. Erkanna sighed, but smiled at him anyway, him being the Hunter that everyone knew and loved.
"Guys, just try not to kill each other, I need you two for the next mission!" He grinned and slowly backed away, Hunter following him, and as the two men tried to escape, they heard a certain Agent Gamble yell: "Oh Hell no!"