I Seek, I Find, I Liveā€¦

I seek a treasure, mighty fine

among these many canyons.


I pull a book

and see the top,

then push it right back in.


The call to read,

it fails me here.


This truth is not for me.


Again I seek and this I find, it's fiction, yes, but true

unto my heart, my soul, my mind, it's true, and real, and me.


I read and soar,

above the clouds.

I swim and learn and see.

For far within my mind there lies

the majesty of fantasy

and, oh! It is divine.


I read all day, all night, 'til morn

and live another life.

I dream of dragons, spells, and wands

as I take part in mind's delight

to fantasize a life so far,

exciting and creative.


And when all's said and done this day

I rejoice, for I have lived.


I return my book to shelves so small that hold so much emotion;

that hold my precious treasures.

And so I seek once more, you see,

the hunt persists and I must heed the call.