Whence I Peeked into Minds

Once, there was a simple man who only spoke to plants;

he said that they spoke back to him,

but others thought him daft,

until he said "they grow for me, as I speak they grow larger, fuller, blooming,"

and decided to give him a chance,

only as a gardener.


Once there was a simple woman who only spoke to people;

she said that they were nice to her,

and others quite agreed.

No one thought her strange or crazy,

only very social with everyone she met.


Why does no one listen?

The simple man knows nature and so it grows within his presence.

The simple woman knows truth, and others speak it when they see her.


All around are people, who do not understand,

what one man treasures another shuns,

the beauty is with the eye,

but the eyes are closed,

for all except the simple men and women of the world.