A/N: An attempt at writing something not about death. And it ended up saddish. At least it's not emo or death and gore. See what I did? Morbid subject? Happy poem. Happy subject? I twist it to sad.

Last Words of Not Loving

Now it's time to part

How could I know I'd break your heart?

How can I apologize for a romance?

In which I was never part

You never gave me that chance

Always gazing from afar

Dreaming of crossing under a star

And you've wasted devotion

On an unrequited emotion

Your heart has floated

Hoping your dreams will come true

If you'd really known me, you'd see

That we were never meant to be

I want to apologize

But I want you to realize

The scale is uneven

And I didn't want your heart to shatter

I really should be leaving

And yes, to me you matter

But never the way you want

And my presence will just be a taunt

So please let me leave

And end this bittersweet

No matter how much you grieve

Your expectations I'll never meet