As soon as he said that, I stopped arguing. And instead of him dragging me out, I started dragging the both of us out.

"Still here?" I asked. "Are you sure?"

"Did you close the door behind us?" he asked suddenly, as we approached it.

The skin on the back of my neck tingled. "…No."

At that exact moment, just as I'd said "No", I saw something shoot towards Jason out of the corner of my eye, long and sharp, flying at him at super speed.

Don't ask me how I saw, or how I was able to react so quickly, but I shoved Jason as hard as could, and he stumbled backwards, giving me a puzzled look…just as the flying dagger whizzed by.

"Run!" he yelled.

Oh really? Is that what I should do?

Immediately a figure dressed like a ninja appeared out of thin air and blocked the exit of the house. He held sharpened knives in both his hands. Similar figures started emerging from hiding spots that I hadn't noticed amidst the wreck, and began advancing toward us.

A pure sense of dread made my mouth go dry. My heart fell, like I'd just gone down on a roller coaster, and I just had the most assured sense that I was going to die very, very soon.

But I guess my human survival instinct didn't really want that. As soon as one ninja (okay they weren't really ninjas, but what else do you call obscured people in black who know how to pack a punch?) stepped up to me, I did the most intelligent thing I'd ever done in my life, also the most cowardly, and made a beeline towards the far side of the living room.

The ninja probably would've pursued me…but then there was Jason.

Did I ever mention how much I loved that guy?

He was surrounded by a circle of at least five or six ninjas, and somehow he was managing to hold his own. Who knew Jason knew kung fu? Every time someone tried lunging at him, he was able to somehow knock away the blow. Of course, he was completely on the defensive side, but the fact that he wasn't dead or dying or begging for mercy was pretty admirable right then.

And then, that ended.

Statistics said someone had to land a hit eventually.

Well, statistics were right.

When Jason started getting tired, I knew it was coming. One of the ninjas managed to slash him on his left shoulder, and he howled out in pain.

As soon as I heard him scream like that, a humongous sense of fear struck me and a shiver crawled through me. And before I knew it…I was invisible again.

Jason was backing away as much as he could, but his wound was clearly sapping his strength.

At that moment, we locked eyes.

Feeling more secure now, knowing they couldn't see me, and knowing I was needed, I took a breath and charged forward, and jumped one of the ninjas. It probably looked really stupid to any outsiders…just this guy mysteriously falling over. Like, what a klutz.

Anyway, when he went down, all heads faced my direction. That's when my nerves put me into a frenzy, and I went demon on them. I punched and kicked and the best part was, even if I missed, none of them could see it except Jason, who had climbed up the stairs and was now sitting, leaning against the wall for support. He was so sweaty.

Don't ask me how I saw all that out of my peripheral vision, but I didn't stop fighting.

For a little while, the ninjas held their ground. They tried whacking the air and throwing their knives around, but when one accidently impaled itself into the foot of a fellow ninja, they stopped.

This gave me an idea.

So, very strategic as I was, I started throwing pieces of glass at them, from the piles on the floor.

When that happened, every single one of their black-ninja-hiney butts was out the door. They probably thought the house was possessed or something.

I watched them scramble out the door in a hurry, as I continued to throw stuff at them. But when they were farther out, they all stopped running.

A chill ran through the air.

Suddenly they disappeared, and a rush of wind passed through the air, which was then followed by a soft ripple…then, dead silence.

I turned back towards the house, feeling a little better, now that they were gone.

This time closing the door behind me, I walked back inside and – I saw Jason passed out on the stairs. His head was leaned against the wall, but he was sliding, nearing the edge.

Quickly I ran up to him and grabbed him before he fell. "Jason!" I exclaimed.

He blinked. "What? What's…" His eyes finally settled on me. "Are you okay? Where are the–" He perked up his head and tried looking around, but I could feel his body weakening.

"They're gone," I said, reassuring him…but he was still tense. "They're gone, really," I repeated, looking him right in the eye. "I promise."

He nodded slowly. "Oh…okay…what…" Suddenly my hand felt wet, as I was holding him up. I looked down and finally noticed the blood, which was quickly soaking his shirt. The cut on his shoulder was seriously deep; I could see his skin was peeled inwards as the blood poured out.

"Oh my god! Jason!" I yelled. But this time, he was out.

Worried crazy, I rallied my strength and hauled him down the stairs, and dropped him on the couch that wasn't flipped upside-down.

Sweat was pouring down the sides of his face. But that wasn't my main concern. I ran to the kitchen and hurried to find a towel – any towel. I spotted one laying behind the fallen fridge, grabbed it, and went charging back to Jason. Sitting beside him, I started dabbing at his shoulder, but then realized how absolutely stupid beyond stupid I was being, and grabbed the house phone to call 9-1-1, when–

"Oh don't do that," a voice said. "He'll be fine."

I spun around and almost dropped the towel at what I saw.