The haunted house came to life after midnight on Halloween; my best friend had told me. I had to see it for myself, though, to believe him. We met on Halloween. It was close to eleven and the haunted house was starting to close up. Ian and I hid deep within the room with fake colored faces on the wall. It was dark and we easily hid behind the wall. We dodged the security when they came around to check and make sure that everyone was out.

"Wait!" my friend hissed when I tried to move out of our hiding spot. "It's almost midnight. We can't let anyone—or anything—see us."

"Why not?" I asked. I still didn't believe the haunted house came alive. It was just impossible.

"'Why not?' Do you want some ghoul to chase you around all night?" he questioned. I thought about it for a moment, knowing it wasn't true, before I sat back down next to him.

At the stroke of midnight, a low moan ran through the haunted house and was quickly followed by the sound of some screech that sounded like bats. My friend and I exchanged glances before a mummy entered the room. Chatter from invisible people struck up. I couldn't understand a word they were saying because there were so many voices talking all at once. Then it hit me like a brick wall: the faces on the wall.

"We have to get out of here," I told my friend and took off running through the haunted house. I ran into someone, or something, and landed on the ground hard.

"You okay?" a voice asked. I looked up and tried to find out who was speaking to me. "Let me give you a hand." I reached up and heard a snap as I grasped the hand. This person must have been really skinny to have such fragile and boney hands. "Sorry, that happens sometimes." Then, it hit me. There had been a skeleton on the wall outside the room of mirrors.

I yelped and scrambled to my feet, running away at full speed. I felt something land on my head and I looked up. A hoard of what was once fake spiders and bats were up near the ceiling and starting towards me. I retraced my steps and ran. I tripped over something and landed with an oomph.

"Watch where you're going!" Ian said. We scrambled to our feet and dusted off the cobwebs.

We made it out of the haunted house with a few nightmares and scrapes. I never doubted my friend about anything he said after that. We avoided celebrating Halloween, too. We'd had enough scares to last us a lifetime. We never spoke about it again or mentioned it to anyone else. They wouldn't have believed it and it was too horrific to remember.