I heard once long ago

That trust is a two way street

Then it meant nothing more

Than taking turns turning

The old faded jump-rope

And that if I had six cookies

You knew I would give you three

But little children have little problem

And older ones have something

Much much bigger

So when I said I trusted you

It meant something more

Than sharing snacks

And sharing secrets

When I said I trusted you

It meant I needed you to catch me

Because my legs were weak

Except I was already falling

And I was falling too fast

And if someone decided

To be brave and hold me

I would only succeed

In making two of us

Tumble towards the earth

But I knew your arms were strong

Stronger than anyone else's

And I knew you were fair

And always kept your end

Of any deal we ever made

Until now when you said yes

But you changed it to a no

And stepped backwards

To watch me descend

When I said I trusted you

What I needed was a friend

But all you have me was

A few shards left of

My broken heart

I guess you needed someone

Who could hold you too

So let's make a deal

If you pledge to hold me

I'll swear to hold you too