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Chapter One

I woke up on something cold and hard. It felt like metal, I realized, it smelled like it too. A sharp, crisp smell that pervaded my nostrils. Other scents were there as well. The heavy, musky odor of sweat and unwashed skin, a warm, tangy smell I didn't recognize, and a strange sweet odor that made me think of strawberries. The scents were vivid, strange things. I had never experienced them so sharp before.

As I woke up further, I felt confused. Why was I lying on metal? Shouldn't I be in bed? I remembered going to bed that night, yelling cheeky goodnights to my brothers, kissing Mom, and hugging Dad. Another memory surfaced, a blurry, sleep hazed one. I was in bed, snug and warm, there were lights outside my window. There was a snick sound and then a figure entered through my window, a siloete against the white light. I sat up, confused, why was someone in my room?

The figure moved toward my bed, faster than my sleepy mind could process. Long arms reached out and scooped me out of bed, bundling me up in my sheets. I made a noise of surprise. "Shhh, I won't hurt you," a strange voice whispered. I caught a glimpse of him as he moved toward my window. A pale face, large dark eyes that seemed to devour the light, he had dark feathery hair that fell around his face in thin strands. They seemed off to me but I couldn't figure out why.

I felt something cold press against my neck, and then a gentle numbness spread through my body. I couldn't remember anything after that. It seemed like a dream, but if it was, then how had I gotten here? Wherever here was?

I cracked my eyes open, peering out into almost darkness. The room I was in was small, and barren but for the metal cot I lay on. The only light came through the cracks around the door that stood opposite me. I was about to get to my feet when I heard voices and footsteps coming toward me.

"She should be waking up soon. It will be interesting to see how this experiment turned out." One voice said. It sounded strange. I could tell it was speaking a different language and yet I could understand every word as if it was English. What had happened to me?

"Are you sure it's safe to go in? Remember what happened last time? He nearly killed the first person he saw." Another voice said, this one sounded very nervous.

I wondered who or what they were talking about.

"Yes, but he calmed down. And this one is female and part human, they seem to be much more docile. And there is the Control gene we put in, that should help." The first speaker replied, placatingly. "You worry too much, Harlen."

The voices were closer, just outside my door now. I decided it would be best to play as if I were still asleep. After that human comment I got the feeling they were talking about me, except that I was all human not part. Plus how could I be anything else? After all humans were the only sentient beings out there, and we couldn't breed with other animals, unless we were wrong about everything and these people talking were actually al-

The door opened, sending bright light and new smells into my room interrupting my train of thought. The smells of something musky and dry filled my nose along with other scents, to many for me to be able to sort though. Why could I smell all of these things? What was wrong with my nose?

My eyes were squeezed shut, startled by the bright light. Trying to protect my sensitive nose from so much new information, I curled up into a ball. I slowly peeped out from under my arms looking at the two figures, which were standing near the partially opened door.

They both were much taller than the average human, the taller of the two had to be nearly 8 feet tall. The shorter was around 7 and a half. They had odd hair, like the man from my dream memory. I realized now why their hair seemed so odd to me. It wasn't actually hair, it was very thin, long feathers. Their eyes when they looked at me seemed to soak up all light, like tiny black holes. I shrank away from them, my back hitting a wall behind me.

"See? Harmless. She's more afraid of us than we are of her. Now, come here." The speaker was the tall one. He was also the one I had heard first. He seemed to want me to come over to him. I didn't really want to, so I decided to stay right where I was.

"No," I told him in English, and then I had an idea. What if I pretended I couldn't understand him? It would be to my advantage to be able to understand them without them knowing I could. I might learn some interesting things. " Who are you? What are you? What do you want?"

The tall one sighed, "I forgot that she wouldn't understand Aviahsen. We may need the translator." He walked towards me. And pulled out what looked like a metal tube of some sort. He pressed the top and a long needle came out. I froze. I hate needles. He reached out to grab my arm.

My body moved on it's own. I twisted out of his grip and grabbed the arm that held the needle thing. Twisting his arm around until he dropped the needle with a yelp of pain. I released him and backed off.

Apparently, the tall being didn't think that what I had done was ok, because he said a nasty word and swung at me. I caught the arm, twisted around under it in a martial arts move, and came up behind him. His shoulder, if he were built at all like a human, would be screaming in pain. I was running totally on instinct now. My free hand snaked around his other shoulder coming to rest near his throat, sharp claws pushed their way out of my fingertips, digging lightly into his skin. I could smell a sharply sweet scent rolling off of him, fear. I felt a thrill roll through me that was totally alien. It was the thrill of the fight, of the hunt and the kill. I shuddered, and stopped, realizing what I had almost done.

But I didn't release him. That same instinct that I couldn't ignore told me that to release this prey now could mean death. I had to prove I was dominant over him. He needed to understand that he couldn't control me. He had proved that when he had gone into a blind rage after I disarmed him. If I was going to listen to someone they would have to be able to face me calmly, even when I attacked them.

I heard a movement behind me, but I didn't move. I could smell more of that musky, dry odor that seemed to be the personal scent of these beings. I guessed that Harlen, the other person, had gotten reinforcements. Although it didn't seem like there were too many of them.

"What is going on here?" a strident voice asked in English.

I turned in surprise at the sound of my native tongue.

"Release him. I know you can understand me. There is no reason for violence."

"He started it." I retorted as I slowly let him go, turning to face the other beings in the room. My eyes widened when I recognized the face of the one in front. He was the one who had kidnapped me.

I gave a feral growl and darted forward. I lashed out at him, catching him on the cheek with a right punch. He staggered backwards, looking shocked. "What was that for?"

"You're the one who kidnapped me. You didn't honestly expect me to just say hello and be okay with it did you? Of course, I'm going to want to hit you. Apparently, whenever I want to hit something I do now." I explained, glaring at him. "Somehow, I get the feeling that you people are the reason for that and the claws. Speaking of reasons, what was the reason for kidnapping me? Where am I, and how did I get here? Who are you, what are you?"

Mr. Kidnapper looked at me in bemusement and then said, "We are called the Aviahsen, my name is Tarsen. I am what you would call an extraterrestrial. We took you because you seemed like the best candidate for this experiment. To be honest, I was merely following orders, it wasn't really like I wanted to steal you from your home. You are on our, oh what's the word you would use? Space car?"

I blinked. "You mean space ship?"

"Yes, thank you. You're on our space ship. Does that answer all of your questions?" He asked reasonably.

Part of me felt an odd pull toward this alien but most of me still just wanted to slap him. "No, what the heck did you do to me? Why do I have claws? Why do I feel so violent and why does everything smell so strongly?"

He started to answer but was interrupted by my prey, "What is she saying. Why didn't you retaliate and teach her to obey her masters? You should not have let her hit you."

I turned and bared my teeth at him in a feral smile. He flinched. Tarsen leaned around me. "I don't think hitting her back would help much Lord Karen. I think it would only make the situation worse. She said she isn't very good at controlling her temper at the moment, probably due to the genetic splice. She must have gotten the Mrahn instincts. So at least part of the experiment seems to be a success."

"Umm, what's his name?" I asked, trying to choke back laughter.

"Karen, why?" He asked quietly, glancing back at me.

"Oh, I thought that I heard that name. Well, that's just to much." I laughed, trying to control my merriment at my prey's name.

"Why are you, what's the word, laughing? Why are you laughing?" Tarsen asked, his feathery eyebrows pulling down into a frown. I found it interesting that they had similar expressions to us.

"Well, he does have a girl's name, you know."

Tarsen made a strangled gurgling sound and I realized he was trying very hard not to join in with my laughter. "So, does that mean I should address him as Lady Karen, instead of Lord Karen?"

"Oh, most definitely. It would be improper to address a woman as a lord, it simply must be Lady." I told him in a very stuffy tone of voice.

This broke Tarsen's self control and he finally burst into a gale of odd, hissing, shrieking laughter. He rocked back on his heels, gasping in great gulps of air in between fits of laughter.

"What is so funny? What was she saying?" Lady Karen asked.

Tarsen took a deep breath, pulling himself together. "Sorry, Lord Karen." He bit his lip the same way my eldest brother does whenever he tries very hard not to laugh. "It isn't really anything important. It was just something that had to do with her human upbringing."

"Well, then, I suppose it doesn't matter. Now, I want a blood sample. Tell her to give me one." My prey held out the hated needle.

My eyes narrowed and I hissed out a curse in a language I didn't realize I knew. The actual sound was a lot like the hiss of a cat. I repeated it and added several others when Tarsen accepted the syringe thing. "If you try to use that on me, I swear I will bite, and something tells me that that would be a very dangerous thing to have happen to you."

I licked my tongue over my teeth and felt long fangs where my canines used to be. I could feel in odd pressure inside of them and I can't exactly explain how I knew but I could feel venom flowing up into it. It wasn't lethal, just very painful. I wasn't sure how I could tell that, either.

He looked at me with steady blue black eyes. I realized that they had very, very dark blue irises. When I had first seen them it had looked like they had completely black eyes but they didn't. His eyes fascinated me for some reason. "Hey, calm down. I promise this won't hurt."

My eyes snapped down to the needle in his hand. "Yeah, well, isn't that what they all say. Besides, why should I listen to you?"

"Because if you don't it'll mean that they'll kill you or at least try. And it also means they'll keep playing around with that stupid Control Gene." He growled. I wasn't entirely sure why it mattered if I died or not, but he seemed to actually care.

I sighed. What was I supposed to do? I really did not want that thing coming anywhere near me, but I also didn't want to die. "What's this Control Gene?"

"How to put it? Well, it's supposed to be the ultimate way to control a soldier. It means that if that thing worked you would have to listen to every order a person gave, whether you wanted to or not. Now, I'm not saying you actually have to follow all of my orders or that you have to follow them all the time, just please do it enough to fool them? I want you to live." He seemed so fierce and desperate; it almost scared me. Somehow I knew I could trust him, and I needed someone I could trust.

"Alright, but I still don't want that thing near me." I glared down at the creepy needle.

"I'm sorry, but you have to do this. Otherwise it'll be really obvious that you don't have to listen to me. Now do it." He started out persuasive, but that last sentence was a definite order.

I felt a little battle waged inside me. Part of me wanted to follow it, another wanted to run away from the scary needle, and the last part didn't want to follow the order simply because it was an order and it wanted to be perverse. The first part won, simply because it was the most rational choice. I held out my trembling arm, clenching my hands into fists and ignoring the pain of my claws puncturing skin.

"Relax, it will hurt less that way." He told me soothingly as he set the needle against my skin.

"Easy for you to say," I muttered turning my head away. I stared out the open door at the empty white hallway beyond. I felt the sharp stab, and tried very hard not to cry. My eyes teared up anyways, the traitors. I felt the odd sensation of blood being drawn, and then he pulled the needle out. I could smell the coppery, salty smell of my blood.

Tarsen handed the needle thing to Karen. He looked back at me and said, "See, it wasn't that bad."

I glared at him with lethal eyes. "If I ever have to do that again, I will stick that thing in your eye."

"Well, that might be a problem because I'm sure you will." Tarsen said casually. He didn't seem very concerned about my threat.

"Good. Well, it seems you can control her, Tarsen. Therefore, you shall be in charge of taking care of her. I expect detailed reports of her activities." Karen swept out of the room and then turned back, "Come on, Harlen. I need you to run those tests on the Myrcre." Harlen hurried after the retreating back of the tall alien scientist.

I glared after them, "Good riddance."

"Well, now what am I going to do with you?" Tarsen asked, nudging me playfully. I was surprised by the friendly contact.

"Well, for starters, you could show me around the place." I replied, smiling up at him.

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