The Ghost of Autumn

Brooke Garvin

Even though I was taught not to walk in the middle of the road my legs started to direct me towards the center of the black paved road. I kept my head held up high, my eyes began capturing the beautiful display of Octobers' Autumn colors. From left to right there were tall trees with the most exquisite burst of Fall colors.

Small cool breezes slithered by me as I take my steps down the covered roadway. As the wind whistled and my long mahogany hair suddenly fell into place.

Slowly they drape off my shoulders while the wind takes it for a small swaying fly, then leaving the remaining short locks to gently frame around my face. My cotton scarf wraps loosely around my neck, keeping me warm from the cool October air.

The bottoms of my sand colored boots were covered in sunset colors, the honey covered leaves stuck like glue; picking up more and more leaves as my boots slammed against the ground. The tight denim fabric of my skinny jeans clung against my legs, then slowly disappeared into my boots.

The past memories of the fall had flooded into my mind, I could feel the warmth suffocate me with a hug tight squeeze. The cold blood in my veins starts to boil, it feels amazing. I feel so alive and happier than ever. Then boiling suddenly comes to a halt. The warmth is gone and so was the feeling of being alive. I froze in place, not moving a muscle, too scared that what I began to believe was coming true. It was death, it was chasing me,then it was the one who had caught up to me and its only purpose was to slowly murdered it.

I guess it would be a good time to stop and catch you up on what had just happened. I know you must have some sort of questions for example: What do you mean by alive again? Why is death after you? What happened to you? Who are you? When are you.

I know tons of questions and I have all those answers, so listen up carefully because we don't have enough time, I'm not supposed to be in the human world walking along these roads anymore; so lets just to it before I get in trouble with 'Death' again.