I believe everything happens for a reason,

And now I know it must be true;

'Cause I'm where I'm supposed to be,

Standing right here next to you.

You're a bright new treasure to me,

And the walls around me may be high.

Will you help me tear them to the ground?

Will you promise never to say goodbye?

I'll be strong for you if you let me;

I could be your hero if given the chance.

Don't be afraid to let me take your hand:

You already had my heart at first glance.

Please forgive me if I get too shy:

I don't always have the words to say;

But listen to me now if you're willing

While I've still got myself out of the way.

I'll hold you when you're scared or lonely;

I promise to catch you if you fall;

I'll take your sadness off your shoulders;

And I'll never be too far to hear your call.

Thank you for letting me say my part:

Wave if you know what I'm trying to say.

Thank you for letting me share with you my heart:

Clap your hands if you feel the same way.