He knows what you did. Everybody knows. You didn't even have the decency to try to keep it a secret.

I can't be too angry at you though. In fact, I blame myself entirely. I should have known it would end badly when you texted me that day and told me you liked him. I should have never encouraged you to go for it. But hey, how was I to know that you would cheat on him? That you were a disgusting, cheating little whore?

And what's worse? This apparently is not your first offense. Apparently you've got quite the reputation of passing out blow jobs to the first dickhead who asks for it. That's why you got expelled from your last school. That's why you came here.

I hope they expel you. I would wish for you to come back and have everyone ostracize you, humiliate and criticize you for what you've done. But seeing you again would be too hard on him. You should see him. He may act like he doesn't care that you cheated on him, but I know. I know how much you hurt him. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

If you have the gall to show your face around here again, I think you should know that you will be facing a world of torment. We are all very protective of him, and no one will ever be your friend again. Including me. I never want to talk to you again. And that's not even the worst of it. I know at least two people who are planning to beat you up when you return. Take my advice and get yourself enrolled at a new school, because you're certainly not welcome here.

You know what hurts the worst? He picked you, a cheating slut, over someone who would have been good to him.

He picked you over me.