Heya, it's been a while. This story is fully completed, but i will be uploading in chunks about a week apart per piece. Hope you like it :)


The familiar voice reached out to her, twisting and pulling at strings she preferred to keep hidden.
Vodka certainly doesn't help.

She leant against her friend, watching the stars, the shared warmth infecting her attention. "Hey Sam" she slurred, rolling the words against her tongue. She heard giggling, could feeleyes rolling, feel them judging her. So she turned and punched her otherwise comfortable cushion. Sam's laughing was rewarded with a scowl, though her heart wasn't quite in it.

Familiar arms wrapped around her, drawing her close. She suddenly felt very warm, more than was physically accountable. Her heart was the first to falter, calling on the rest of her body to follow suit. It did, and she all but melted into those welcome arms. "I love you Sam." She muttered, curling up closer to her friend.

"Hmm?" Sam asked, lost in the same thoughts, yet they were oblivious to one another's.

"I love you," Lucy whispered, drifting to sleep.

Sam heard that one.