-A few years later-

Sam knocked on the bedroom door, the mundane feat made impressive by the act of also carrying armfuls of chocolate and flowers. From the other side came the sounds of groaning, and rustling sheets. Sam rapped on the door, frustration tempered by familiarity.

She heard a loud sigh from the room, followed by the slaps of bare feet against a wooden floor. The sounds shuffled closer, the mumbling fading. A long yawn, and then the door flew open.

Lucy was evidently too sleepy to bother with concepts such as 'Half open' or 'half closed.' As the door had picked 'open,' her eyes chose 'closed' and she stood on the spot, swaying like a tree in the wind.

Sam rolled her eyes and smiled. She held out the gifts and gleefully announced. "Happy Anniversary!"

Lucy swayed a bit more, but said nothing. The silence was verging on uncomfortable when she trudged forward, feet plodding along. She reached the gifts but kept walking between the outstretched arms, a different destination in mind.

"uh Lu? The chocolates are back here." Sam said, wriggling the arms on either side of her friend.

Lucy drew closer still, pulling up her arms and wrapping them around Sam. Her head leaned forward and nestled itself on Sam's shoulder. She let out a deep breath, and promptly went back to sleep.

Sam sighed, her exasperation giving way to…..well, simple enjoyment of the embrace. She looked around, trying to find somewhere to put her gifts down. She frowned, arms locked in an awkward position (mainly for her, Lucy didn't seem to mind.) "Hey I need to put –"

Lucy mumbled into her neck. "Sam"

Sam ignored her. "Let me find a place for these flower –"


Sam tried once more, a final desperate move. "Let me put these chocolates down –"

Another muffled whisper. "Hug now. Chocolate later." A breath of warm air along her neck, another tingle through her mind.

Sam gave up with a half hearted sigh and a whole hearted smile. She dropped the chocolates and flowers, leaving her arms free to hug Lucy.

So she did.

Welcome to the end. As with much in life, the journey is the real prize, and i hope you all won big. Cheers :)