Bonds of Brotherhood: reunion afterlife.

It was a beautiful day over the rainbow bridge. Gatomon, a black & white Tuxedo Cat, was playing tag with Bikuri. He sheathed and unsheathed his claws, loving the fact that he was now able to. Everything was fine. The other pets were fun to play with and Bikuri became his best friend. Still, his thoughts lingered on one particular cat left behind. Daily he made his way over to the pond with water so crystal clear one could see through the veil between the realms of the living and the dead.

Bikuri was going to be meeting her sister Ikite in a few days and the sisters had invited him to come along with them.

Gatomon lay down on the banks and gazed into the water. He saw his brother become thinner and thinner. It pained him to see the one cat who had been there for him throughout all of his life wasting away to nothing. He watched as his brother was offered food, yet only ate a little bit. The other cats took the leftovers. He wished he could help him somehow.

Please, he prayed to the God his human parents believed in, ease my brother's suffering. Even if he is meant to come here. I just want him to be happy.

Everyday for a month he sat in the same place and prayed the same prayer.

Then one day, as he was playing with Ikite and Bikuri, Gatomon caught a familiar scent upon the breeze.

"Can this be?" he whispered to himself as he chased the two female cats. Bikuri stopped short and tumbled into her sister.

Niether female saw the male dash off towards the entrance. Gatomon dashed as if his paws were made of lightning . The scent he thought he smelled grew stronger.

Faster and faster he ran, praying that he was right. Gatomon stopped suddenly as he hit the barrier between the realms. He was thrown backwards and did reverse summersaults until blacking out.

When he came to, he opened his eyes and saw the tabby and white face looking down at him.

"You ok brother?" Mittens asked, giving his littermate reassuring licks with his tongue. Gatomon purred as they bumped each others' heads. They touched noses, relishing in each other's scent.

"I had cancer bro." Mitsu explained a few hours later. "Momma tried to heal me, but I was too far gone. It was my time to go. Grandma chose to release me from life. Our humans really miss u, momma has sites about us on the internet. "

Tears were in Gatomon's eyes as he took his brother's mitten-shaped paw in his and lovingly bumped each other's head.

Gatomon and Mittens, two brothers who loved each other more than life itself.