College with a Twist

Chapter 1

The principal walked past a line of freshmen and entered her office. Today, all of the students are being interview by the principal. Why? Well she is looking for something. She glared at the freshman sitting on the chair in front of her, doing everything in her power to make this freshman as uncomfortable as possible, then she smiled and politely said, "I'm Shara Argent, and welcome to Springfield University."

The freshman has black hair and wore a gray polo shirt and blue jeans. Feeling relaxed, he decided to reply back, "Thanks, I'm –"

Rustle, rustle...

The freshman was quickly interrupted by the sound of shuffling papers. Shara pulled out his transcript and started to read it, "Let's see... Name: Donny Donster, Asian, you're 18 years old, dorming alone, 140 pounds, 5'5 ft, brown belt in shotokan, and drives a 2005 Mustang GT, yes?" She looks at him and thought, "I sense untapped magical energy inside of him... perfect"

Donny sweat-drops, slowly nodded his head, and thought, "Does a high school transcript actually show all of that?!"

"Yes." Shara replied with a smile.

Donny jumped out of his seat, apparently shocked, "Did you just read my mind? I knew it! School teachers were psychic all along!"

The principal pulled out a folding fan under her desk. She used it to conceal her face, the only part she was showing was her eyes, "Teacher's intuition~"

Donny sat back in his seat and said, "Okay, that makes sense... of sort."

Shara shook his hand, "With that done with, the interview is now over."

Donny looked perplexed, "Already?"

Shara nodded, "I have everything I need here," she pointed to a stack of papers "besides, meeting up with every single student is part of my job."

He briefly stared at Shara, she had her blond hair neatly tied up in a bun, and was dressed up in casual business wear, on top of that, she looked barely any older than Donny, which is way too young to be a college principal.

With the interview over, Donny left the office and navigated through a sea of people to get to class. College was different compared to high school. It was his first time seeing so many people ranging from their 18s to 60s all in one place and time was also slowing down! Wait, is it normal for time to slow down?


"What was that? Was that my heartbeat?" He thought to himself. Everything slowed down and the pitch of people's voices was dropping.


Then, everything around him stopped as if time itself froze.


Everything around him shattered like glass and his vision went white. A few seconds later, his vision cleared up and he looked around. The school building is still intact except it has this weird purplish glow and there's nobody around, except for two figures in front of him. It was as if he got moved into another dimension.

"Well, look here, new fish." One of the figures said. Upon closer look, he realized that it has brown hair that was up to it's shoulders, it's a dead giveaway that it's a she. Her shirt has a picture of a seagull, it's the college's official mascot.

The figure next to her step up and the light revealed him. It wore Maximilian armour that covered his entire body. His weapon is very menacing, it was a ten foot halberd, shotokan isn't going to help Donny in this fight. The black knight step in front of the girl and said, "It's best if we kill him now before he summons a guardian, milady."

The girl smiled, "How right you are! Lionheart, do as you please."

Lionheart, the black knight answered, "At once!" with haste, he charged at Donny, each step he took caused the floor to rumble and chunks of the tiles flew off.

Donny tried to run, but he tripped over his own shoelaces just like a damsel in distress. He looked at Lionheart in fear. The knight raised his halberd and prepared for the finishing blow.

"Do you want to live?" A voice rang out in the freshman's head

Everything slowed down, just what was that voice? It sounded very familiar.

The voice said, "My, don't be shy, I'll ask again, do you want to live? Yes or no?"

"Yes, of course!" He said in a hoarse voice

Immediately, everything speed back up to normal, a magical circle formed underneath Donny and it released a blinding flash, causing the knight to retreat. The flash ended and there was a girl standing in front of Donny. Her clothes made her look like a wizard from a online video game, but her weapon is not a wand; it's a folding fan.

She turned around and smiled, "My, my, I guess I've made it in time."

Just when things went from bad to worst, it turned weird. The person that saved him was none other then, Shara Argent, the so-called Springfield University principal, but why the heck is she role-playing? Is this some kind movie?

Shara put her fan away and held her left hand out, "Need a hand... my summoner?"

Donny grab her hand and got up. He looked at Lionheart and the girl and back at Shara and whispered, "Who are you?"

The wizard plainly replied, "Your guardian."

Lionheart used his body as shield to protect his summoner from the bright flash of light. His summoner looked above Lionheart's shoulders and said, "Lionheart... Who is she?"

The black knight stared at Shara, his visor glowed in a reddish color and he said, "Spell-caster class, she disguised herself as the school's principal. Shara Argent is not her real name"

The summoner smiled and said, "I see, so that's why she looked familiar... " she pointed towards Shara, "but who cares? This freshman has a guardian now. Lionheart, tear them apart!"

Lionheart let out a inhumane roar and charged towards them. Donny's legs were shaking in fear, he is definitely going to die today.

Shara looked at him and said, "Do you trust me?"

The Asian dude backed up, "Hell no! You pretended to be the principal! How could I trust you? And what in the hell is this place?"

Shara walked up to him and said, "So many questions, yet so little time..." she whispered a small chant:

"My object is big,

but my pockets are small.

With this chant,

my object will be small."

Her fan glowed in a violet color and then she whacked him with it. A bright light consumed him, it took about five seconds for the light to displace. He looked around and noticed that he was standing on Shara's hand. Shara gently placed him in one of her pockets and said, "How do you like my shrinking spell? I carry everything with me because of this."

Take a breath Donny, calm yourself... he thought and asked, "Where are you taking me?"

"Some place safe, I'm sure you have many questions waiting to be answered." she said

Shara dodged Lionheart's charge, jumped out of a nearby window, and stood on a broomstick. She used the broomstick as some kind of magical flying skateboard to escape.

Lionheart looked out and watch them escape. He heard a car honking, he looked down and saw his summoner in a 2002 red Porsche Boxster. She yells, "What are you waiting for?"

Lionheart knew if he jumped off and land on her car, horrible things will happen and said, "Milady, if I-"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up! I am your summoner and you will obey!", she ordered.

Lionheart sighed and jumped. He landed in the passenger side and heard four distinct pops. All four tires on the porsche blew up from his weight. He looked in the sky and saw Shara waving them goodbye.

Shara didn't fly that far, she landed in a parking garage where Donny's Mustang was parked. She placed him near the driver's door and started to whisper a chant:

"The object is small,

make it bigger


turn it back to normal."

A red mushroom landed on top of Donny's head and he grew back to his regular size. They got in his car and this just irks him, "Why are we in my car?!" Donny asked furiously.

Shara reclined back on the passenger sent and said, "It's been a long time since I've been inside a American car, but let's get to the questions."

A pair of glasses magically appeared on her right hand and she wore it, "First question: How can you trust me? Well, for starters, I saved your life like ten minutes ago and there's the fact that you've summoned me. Next question: What's my name? Well it's Sophie Maxwell. Shara Argent does exist in this college, but I temporary took over her job after I cast a diarrhea spell on her. Last question: Where is this place? This is a separate dimension where summoners and their guardians fight to the death or until time runs out."

Donny sweat-dropped and thought, "Diarrhea spell? That's scary..."

Shara no wait, Sophie chuckled and said, "Don't get me mad or I'll use it on you~"

Donny face-palmed, "Lemme guess, you can read people's minds..."

"All, guardians can read their summoner's minds." Sophie corrected and continued, "Any more questions?"

"We have to fight to the death?!" He asked in surprise.

Sophie smiled and said, "Of course! I guess I should explain everything to you. Currently the entire world is secretly engaged in The War of Heroes, the summoner and guardian that wins will be able to get whatever wish they have granted. As of now, there are exactly 2 million summoners, 4 million if you included the guardians. If you kill a summoner, he or she will die permanently, it'll be like they never exist in this world. If you kill a guardian, the guardian will die and the summoner will forget all about The War of Heroes. The battle can also end in a draw if ten minutes pass."

Sophie sensed Lionheart and his summoner closing on them and said, "I suggest you start up your car and scram."

He tilt his head and asked, "Why?"

Vroom! Screech!

The sound of the Boxster engine and sparks were flying off its tire rims. Donny started up his Mustang and made his way towards the only exit. The Boxster was there, waiting for him.

"What do we do?" Donny asked

"Play chicken!" Sophie stated, "Even though that Porsche Boxster has better safety ratings, the Mustang is the heavier car, so we'll survive the impact."

On cue, the Boxster's roof went down and Lionheart sticks his halberd out like it's a lance. Both Donny and Sophie turned black and white, it's a sign that tells them that they are screwed.


The Mustang and Boxster charged towards each other.


Lionheart's halberd touched the Mustang's windshield.


The halberd closes on Donny's left eye...

0... Time's up! Draw!

The halberd was about 5 centimeters from his left eye when everything stopped and everything faded to black.

Donny regained his senses, he looked around, noticed that he is back in college and time has returned back to normal. "Some dream..." He grumbled and checked his cell phone, "Holy crap, 4 minutes left!"

He ran towards his first class, creative writing, in room E-21. He bumped into someone and said, "Sorry about... that..." he looked at the person he bumped into, "Oh my fucking god, it's you!"

The person he bumped into was the same girl that tried to kill him. She looked at him and shouted, "You're-"

Donny quickly interrupted her, "You tried to murder me! I'm soooo gonna sue you!"

The girl replied back, "Oh yeah, with what? Student loans?"

Donny felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked back. It was Sophie, she's wearing a pair of sneakers, blue jeans, and a white blouse. She smiled and said, "If you guys get in a fight right now, you'll miss class."

Both of them looked at Sophie and back at each other.



Both of them agreed to a uneasy truce. All three of them walked into room E-21 and the once peaceful creative writing class was quickly filled up hostility.

Author's Note:

Donny Donster is not self-insert, I just really like that and decided to use it. (Donny is short for Donald and it means Ruler of the World! Now who doesn't want a name like that?!)

Oh and Springfield, California is a completely fictional place I just thought up of. It's not related to the real Springfield, California at all.