College with a Twist

Chapter 2

A hostile atmosphere was quickly filling up room E-21. For some strange coincidence, two enemies are now stuck in the same class. The class has 30 desks set up in 5 rows and each row has 6 desks. In the first row, Donny sat in the third seat, he was nervous, not at the class, but at that girl who he had offered a truce with. In the second row, the girl sat in the sixth seat and gave him a glare that would cause a bullet to run away. In the third row, Sophie sat in the first seat and casually glanced at Donny and the girl. Currently there are 16 students in class waiting for the teacher and remaining students to come, so they had nothing better to do then chit-chat... about the two girls and one Donny.

"What's going on with them?" a female student asked

A nerdy looking student adjusted his glasses and pointed at Donny, "I bet one of the girls broke up with that guy there" he pointed at Sophie and continued with a dramatic voice, "after that, he started dating with that blond girl. I bet in the near future, he's going to end up with a harem!"

The women rolled her eyes in disgust, "Dude, I think you watch too many cartoons..."

"Anime are not cartoons!" the nerd shouted

"Of course they are! They're drawn on a piece of paper and they get animated so that means it's a cartoon!" The women yelled back and the argument just kept on going and going.

Donny planted his face on top of his desk in despair after he overheard the conversation and thought, "Sooner or later, the entire university is going to have silly rumors of me being a playboy."

Sophie set up her binder and thought, "You are playboy, you drive a muscle car and you play a sport aka shotokan."

Donny shot back up and thought, "Whoa, wait a second. First, muscle cars are awesome, second, shotokan teaches you respect and discipline, third, I'm a short person, and lastly, I'm the nerdest looking student in here. How are those things make me a playboy?!"

The spell-caster classed guardian cast a playfully thought, "No idea~"

"Will you two shut the fuck up?" another thought rang out, but it's not Donny or Sophie.

"For a girl, you sure are vulgar..." Sophie thought.

The girl lashed out, "I have a name, it's Vanessa!"

"How can you hear us?" asked Donny

"Summoners call talk to their guardians by their thoughts. Also, they can talk to other summoners and guardians with their thoughts as long as they are seen." Vanessa answered

Donny's face paled and he thought, "Great, just great... my mind isn't private anymore..."

Clank, clank, clank...

Everyone stopped talking/thinking when they heard clanking sounds entering the classroom.

Enter... Lionheart!

The only student in the university that chose to come in... wearing his suit of armor... The knight classed guardian sat in the second row in the third seat, directly behind Donny.

Feeling a little bit intimidated, he thought in despair, "Why did I summon a spell-caster..."

"Don't worry Donny, we got this. I played mmorpgs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) before, knights are weak against magical attacks."

"Sophie... you're a glass cannon. I played a certain mmorpg before and I managed to kill wizard like you with a teeny tiny dagger in one hit."

If they were talking to each instead of sending out their thoughts, Sophie would have pouted at that comment. She gave out a depressing thought, "How insulting, I think I'm going to cry."

Everyone except for Vanessa, Sophie, and Donny stared at Lionheart. He noticed the stares and said in a commanding voice, "I'm a larper. It's a very noble game."

"That makes perfect sense, there was a LARP or Live Action Role-playing Game event today." A student said and all of his classmates agreed.

"Noble game? Are you a fucking nerd?" A student sitting on the right side of Lionheart commented

The knight pulled out a dagger and held it at mere centimeters from the student's throat, "Say that again and I'll execute... peasant scum."

"Holy shit, this shit is real!" The student thought. He looked down, noticed a dark spot on the middle part of his jeans and ran out crying. After that, everyone looked at him in fear, except for Vanessa who looked at him in disappointment and dismay.

Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong...

The bell rings, it's now the start of afternoon. The professor walked in, like most professors, he wore a business suit. He walked up to the podium, looked at Lionheart and ask, "Was that your horse standing next to the classroom?"

Vanessa angrily sent out her thoughts, "Lionheart, you idiot! You had to make an entrance, do you?"

The knight ignore his summoner and said, "Yes, why?"

The professor furiously said, "It left a nice present outside, you have to pay the university a fine for bring a pet here."

"Pet? Huey, is my method of transportation. She's way more fuel efficient than a electric horse... I mean hybrid car!"

"She took a dump near our classroom..." the professor deadpanned

"As you wish..." Lionheart bowed and walked towards the doorway in a noble-like fashion.

"He's out of touch with the times..." Donny thought

"Well said, summoner... well said" Sophie praised back in her mind

"Say that again, and I'll cut out your jewels, peasant scum..." Knight said before leaving.

The hairs on Donny's back stood up and he thought in panic, "How the hell did I became a part of this stupid secretive war?!"

"I'll explain everything at break." Sophie assured

"Today just keeps getting better and better..." the professor muttered

He cleared his throat, "Welcome to world history, as you know, I'm..." of course, whatever the professor said didn't really matter.

Moments later Lionheart walked into the class, sat back in his seat and thought, "Milady, they wanted me to pay a fine of 20 dollars, but I didn't have 20 dollars. So I gave them my dagger made out of diamonds."

Vanessa furiously thought, "Lionheart, you idiot."

Her guardian thought back, "I am a noble, not a idiot."

About one hour and thirty minutes had pass and the history class ended. Donny walked out and was quickly thrown into a headlock, before he could use his impressive shotokan aka karate moves on the attacker, a familiar voice spoke out that made him stop.

The so-called attacker said, "Donny! How have you been? It's been six friggin years since we last saw each other back in Long Island!"

Donny broke free and saw a 6'2 ft Puerto Rican. His brown was cut short, making him look like he was a soldier of some sort. Donny smiled and gave him a hug, "Josh Martinez! What brings you to Springfield, California?"

Josh grinned, "I finished community college in New York and got transferred here, but I never expected to see you here!"

"How's our little group of misfits going?" Donny asked, obviously the so-called group of misfits were his friends from way back.

Josh frowned a bit and said, "To be honest, everyone drifted apart. You were the glue that held us together, so when you left, we slowly went on our separate paths." he then noticed Sophie behind Donny and smiled, "I proud of you, back then, you always got bullied and picked on so we always had to help you, not only that, you were very timid. Now look you! I heard you're a brown belt in karate and you got yourself a girlfriend!"

Question marks popped up on Donny's head, "Wait, I have a girlfriend?"

Donny turned around and saw Sophie behind him, she smiled and waved. His face turned beet red as he turn back at Josh and said, "Wait, you got it all wrong!"

Josh laughed and said, "She's a girl and she's your friend, so it makes perfect sense to me!" He patted Donny's back, "Well, it's off to my next class, later."

The two old friends parted ways, one went to his next class, the other went off to the food court. Outside of the food court were a bunch of chairs and tables, there was also a small waterfall next to a cave. Inside the cave was the food court itself, according to geologists, the university was built on an ancient lake that drew its water from this very waterfall, but eventfully the waterfall grew smaller and the lake dried up.

Donny opened the door leading into the food court. The place looked like a villain's evil lair, but that mood was quickly killed when someone started playing modern pop songs on the grand piano. He ordered a burrito and decided to sit outside next to the waterfall because it was pointless waiting for a table. Unlike sitting inside the court, waterfall made this place very relaxing, the place was also very clean despite the fact that it's in the middle of a university. A few minutes later, Sophie came out and sat by him with a cup of tea and New York cheesecake that looked like it came from a five star restaurant.

Donny looked in awe at her food and said, "I never knew that the university served food like that!"

"That's because they don't, I basically bought whatever they had and used my magic to turn it into something good." she said before sipping her tea

"Can all spell-casters do this?" he asked

She snapped her fingers and a pair glasses materialized on her face, "Yes and no. All guardians are unique, some might be able to do it better or worse, other can't do it at all. Take a look at me, the only offensive spells I have are all earth-based, everything else is all support spells."

"I still don't get why I got a spell-caster classed guardian."

"Guardians are loosely based off of their summoners. You got picked on when you were little, so that meant you're soft, spell-casters are soft. I use earth-based spells because you're defensive in nature, thanks to your karate. Lastly as for support spells, well... you did relied on your friends for support whenever you were bullied." she stated.

The spell-caster drank all of the tea and it magically refilled itself, "There's also six guardian classes; knight, ranger, spell-caster, gunner, commander, and beast. Guardians are also divided into two categories; Heroes and Commoners."

"Heroes..." Donny whispered and then a exclamation mark appeared above his head, "Wait, Lionheart... as in Richard the Lionheart, the King of England?!"

Sophie sipped her tea and smiled sadly, "Yes, but keep this in mind, Heroic Guardians are named after the heroes, they themselves aren't the real thing. Common Guardians, like me have no chance to taking out one, unless the odds were in our favor. We were extremely lucky that time."

A twenty minutes passed and both of them finished eating. Once finished Donny decided to ask her one final question, "Why did I became involved in this whole war?"

Donny's guardian cleared her throat, "I was just getting to that. Descendants of previous summoners will be forced into the war. On top of that, every time a new war starts, an additional one hundred thousand to a million random persons are chosen."

Donny put his head on the table, "This is a lot to take in, I swear this feels like a lecture..."

Sophie smiled, "Well you asked for it." she sensed another summoner nearby and decided to pull Donny, "You got class next?"

He looked at her with a confused look, "In three more hours, why?"

"I'll explain more about The War of Heroes later, we got ourselves a problem..." Sophie answered

Thump, thump!

Time came to a stand-still again, Donny and Sophie jumped out of their seats, stood next to each other, back to back, ready for anything.


The same thing as last time occurred and they were back in the separate dimension that served as a battleground for summoners and guardians.

Sophie's white blouse, blue jeans, and pair of sneakers instantly changed into her wizard outfit. A upon closer look, he noticed that her robe only got down just a little above her knees and her hat was actually a hoodie that's connected to her robe, both of them were blue with golden trimmings. She wore desert tan boots, and fingerless cotton gloves.

She tapped Donny on his shoulder, "I sense two summoners and guardians. One of the pair fighting is Vanessa and Lionheart, I don't know the other people until we can get a closer look."


Donny quickly look around, "I could swear I heard something that sound like it came from a science fiction movie."

A plasmas bolt misses him by a feet and hits a nearby tree, igniting it. He looked ahead and saw a short gray humanoid fighting Lionhead at the university square. The humanoid had black eyes with no pupils and its hands has three fingers. Donny looked at it in disbelief, "You gotta be kidding me..."

The alien fired a plasma bolt out of its assault rifle. A claymore materialized on Lionheart's hand and he used it to defect the plasma bolt just like a bat hitting a baseball, but then the claymore melted from the intense heat.

Sophie held out her right hand and it glowed in a faint bluish light, "An alien named Quin Grub, it's a common gunner classed guardian." the light faded and a folding fan materialized on her right hand, "The choice is yours, my summoner. Do you want me to attack both of them or help one of them?"

He looked at Sophie with a determined face and said, "We'll help Vanessa and Lionheart, it's not because I like her or anything, but it's because well..."

Sophie realized that he couldn't find the words he was looking for and added, "It's difficult to try and kill someone you know?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, that's was what I was trying to say!"

Donny looked around, everything is still the same, except there's no people, the lighting is all dark and there's a dark purplish glow, but there was one thing in his mind,"Where's Vanessa?"

Sophie sat back on a chair, "That girl might be fighting the other summoner somewhere nearby." She concealed half of her face with her fan, "Donny, what's the only place in this school that might have access to weapons?"

A light blub appeared on Donny's head, "The school's dojo! They have like rapiers from fencing class, kendo sticks, boxing gloves..."



Sophie whacked him on the head with her fan and said, "That alien is using a gun, you what they always said..." she watched as Lionheart materialized a short sword and kite shield, "Don't bring melee weapons to a gun fight. Lionheart maybe a Heroic Guardian, but he's a melee type, and those are weak against ranged attacks."

Another light blub appeared on his head, "I got it! The school's police department! They have guns!"

Donny started dragging Sophie which alarmed her, "Donny, what about Lionheart?"

He just grinned, "Don't worry, he can handle himself. It's me that I'm worried about!" he watched Lionheart defecting the plasma bolts with his short sword, it melted from the intense heat and Donny frowned, "Ok, never mind... Sophie, go help him."

Sophie got off the chair and said, "As you wish. Oh and be careful not to die, everyone will forget about your existence." she walked away, "If anything, sacrifi-"

Donny shouted, "Don't talk about things like that!" she turned around and saw his frightened face, "Frankly that scares me..."

Sophie walked up to him, they are now face to face, within kissing distance. Are they going to make out like in those cheesy action movies?


Donny held his head in pain and yelled, "OW!"

Sophie held a strand of hair and said, "Donny, relax and take it easy." She showed him the strand of hair, "See this? Its gray hair and you're too young to get gray hair."

He looked at his guardian with a unamused face and said, "Gee thanks mom."

Sophie laughed and walked away. She held out right hand and a janitor's mop flew towards her. She got on the mop like it was a skateboard and flew off into the battle.

Donny jumped over a fence and ran down a small road. There was a sign that displayed the map of the university and it showed that nearest university police building was close by, it was within a ten minute run.

He ran further down when suddenly a hand popped out a nearby bush, covered his mouth and pulled him into the bush. Panic consumed him, he immediately forgot all of the self-defense moves his sensei taught him and he flailed his arms around like a idiot.

A girl with a familiar voice whispered, "Shh... Do you want us to die or something?!"

Donny stopped panicking and realized that the girl was Vanessa. She immediately took command and said, "The alien's summoner is a terrorist..."

His eyes widen in fear, "Terrorist?! What's a terrorist doing here? We're just a bunch of university students for god's sake!"

She gave him an annoyed look, "Yeah, well we're the only students in this place with guardians. It's common sense that he has to take out the biggest threat." She quickly asked, "By the way, were you looking for me?"

Donny shook his head, "Nah, I was going to the police department first. Then I would've come in, guns blazin!"

Vanessa face-palmed, "Do you even know how to use a gun?"

He smiled and said, "Nope, I have no idea, but it's probably like in the video games!"

A insane voice yelled out, "C'mon out girl! I can small your fear!" He raised his revolver in the air.

Bang, Bang!

He said in a intimidating voice, "You're not the only summoner I've killed before I came here!"

The insane terrorist walked next to the bush they were hiding in and Vanessa thought up a idea. She showed him her gun license, "How about this, you go distract this bozo and I run down to the department, grab a gun and blast his brains out!"

Donny looked at her like she was insane, "Me, go fight..." he looked at the terrorist, "him? Hell no, I maybe a brown belt, but he has a gun. You know the old saying: 'never bring your fists to a gunfight!'"

He quickly send a thought, "Sophie, can you come back and help us?"

Back at the battle, things were very desperate. The alien is using technology out of this world, the Sophie and Lionheart don't stand a chance. She landed back on the ground and threw the mop at the alien. Seeing that the alien was momentary distracted, she held up a card in the air and shouted, "Earth Wall!"

Pillars of earth rose out of the ground to protect the duo, but the intense heat of the plasma turned the earth into glass.

The alien disintegrated it's plasma assault rifle because it ran out of ammo. It held its hand out and a pistol materialized, but it wasn't an ordinary pistol, it was a railgun.

Sophie received Donny's message and replied, "A little busy righ-"


She felt a jolt of pain, looked down on the right side of her robe and noticed it was darker than the only parts. Her vision started to get blurry, she slowly fell onto the ground and her eyes slowly dimmed as if life is fading away.

She whispered, "It's too early to die, I got too careless..." The last thing she saw before she blacked out was Lionheart successfully getting the alien to go after him.